Part 2: Tips from expert bloggers on how to grow over 10k on Instagram

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a part 2 of how to ‘grow over 10,000 followers on instagram’ with tips from so many lovely bloggers!

If you have not read part 1, click here!

Today, I am so grateful to have four amazing bloggers giving you their top tips on growth! I am delighted to announce that I have been able to get seven great bloggers to help me in curating two blogs , which I hope will be extremely useful for you, but three of them are on part 1 of the blog!

The bloggers mentioned in today’s blog, you may have already heard of, or be following! They include (from their Instagram usernames): ‘Kelseyinlondon,’ ‘tikabobika,’ ‘lovekelliexo,’ and ‘rachelwhite8392.

1) Kelsey – 194k – @kelseyinlondon (Instagram)

If you have read my first blog, then you will understand that Kelsey was featured already on that blog, however, as she gave me lots of useful information, I have decided to distribute her tips across two blogs evenly.

Kelsey is an experienced blogger, who has been using Instagram since the app was created. She has amassed over 194,000 followers on Instagram, and her account continues to grow rapidly every day! Kelsey is predominantly based in London and her account focuses on travel, fashion and lifestyle. With so much influence and insight in blogging, she has also started up an account on the progress of her home in London, including tidying her home and house makeovers. She also started a page on her presets, which you can buy & a page for bloggers called the ‘creative gal gang.’ She is one of my favourite big bloggers, as she supports smaller bloggers in the industry with free resources and shoutouts! She is also such a lovely person and I was delighted by her response to my Instagram DM. If there was a mentor for instagram, Kelsey would be the one! She is so encouraging to younger bloggers, has a fantastic account and shares her tips to instagram success on her page! I love her account and aspire to be like her one day!

Kelsey – a picture from her Instagram account.
Kelsey’s Instagram feed is stunning! I especially love her travel content.

Follow her Instagram here and check out her blog here:

Kelsey’s tips:

Hashtags! Kelsey used to use hashtags ironicially, but recently has been taking them seriously as she has found that they help reach more people, resulting in more followers. The more hashtags you use, the more people will probably see your post. It is that simple. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags, make sure to only use hashtags which relate to the photo as there is no point using #foodblogger on a photo of new shoes.

-Kelsey’s final tip is to create something that goes viral. This is essentially how Kelsey gained over 100,000 new followers in less than a year, as she made story templates which were shared by thousands of people worldwide. If you can create something worth sharing, then the rest is history. This could be a motivational quote or a hilarious tweet, or an inspiring outfit video. Content that would make someone screenshot it and then use it on their own page without you having to bribe them, is worth its weight in gold.

2) Tika – 22.3k – ‘tikabobika’ (instagram)

Tika is so kind and lovely! Her account is amazing and if my photos were half as good as hers, I would be thrilled. She definitely has one of the best Instagram feeds I have ever seen! Her style is unique and her page is creative, colourful and vibrant! Always brilliantly different and authentic, her account compares to no other. It honestly is a privilege to communicate with her as I have looked up to her for so long – I love that her content is original too!

Tika – a picture from her Instagram account.
Tika’s feed is amazing – it’s so unique and original.

Follow Tika’s instagram here and check out her blog here!

Tika’s tips:

Engage, engage and engage! Tika spends a lot of time commenting and engaging with other bloggers. She engages with people who follow her and people who don’t! It is a great way to support accounts, but also expose yourself to others.

– Also invest in your instagram straight away. In the beginning Tika used her iPhone and simple phone apps to edit, which is perfect especially when you’re familiarizing yourself with the blogging world. Eventually, she upgraded her camera (still a basic entry level one) and paid for adobe softwares for editing. It makes a huge difference in pictures!- Finally, use Pinterest for inspiration. Tika thinks that once people figure out their niche

– whether it’s travel, lifestyle, food, etc, Pinterest can be really helpful in making your account more aesthetic and in giving you ideas on how to create! Ever since she started focusing on her aesthetic, she has noticed more people commenting about it which means a lot to her! But she has to give credit to Pinterest for helping!

3) Kellie – 12.5k – @lovekelliexo (instagram)

Kellie is amazing! She is so knowledgeable, wise and kind! Her account is fantastic – you will never read one of her captions without learning something new. She is not only inspiring and empowering, but she shares meaningful messages with great tips for life! I love her page and always make sure to check out her photos when I can for helpful information on so many different topics!

Kellie – a picture from her Instagram.

Kellie’s Instagram feed is the best! I love all her travel pictures and fitness shots!

Follow Kellie’s Instagram here!

Kellie’s tips:

– Kellie follows a lot of people back – especially those who engage a lot with her page and finds that trying to get involved in the community is vital!

– Kellie did engagement groups in the past and found them a wonderful way to gain followers and engagement – but eventually found them too much pressure to keep up with so no longer does them.

– Kellie recommends trying to go to local events when possible because you meet a lot of people there, also keep up with your stories it makes you more relatable and post something that is a little different to everybody else. Be unique and do what interests you most.

4) Rachel – 41.1k –@rachelwhite.8392(Instagram)

Rachel is so lovely and her outfits are always amazing! I love her page and would recommend it if you also love regular fashion posts! She often buys from charity shops which I love, as sustainable fashion is so important! Her posts and clothes are always colourful and so I would encourage you to check out her page.

Rachel – a picture from her Instagram account.
I love Rachel’s page so much and her amazing fashion posts!

Follow Rachel’s Instagram here!

Rachel’s tips:

Wearing clothes from certain brands for money could help with engagement. But do not wear clothes from brands which you would not recommend or do not actually like.

– Just being yourself is the most important part in growing your account – posting content that you love!

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you liked today’s blog and you find it helpful. If you did, please comment or share it – I would be so grateful. Here are some of the links to my own blogs on how to grow on Instagram if you would still like to find other ways to grow.

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Thank you also to the lovely bloggers mentioned in today’s post.

They didn’t need to share their tips for growth, but kindly did! I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog without them!

Thank you for reading – let me know If you would like more blogs like this!

Beth Lucy

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  1. Loved reading this post Beth! I learned a few new tips that I’m sure to use ❤ can’t wait to see what the next post is about! 😊


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