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Capri, Amalfi Coast – Italy

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Today’s travel blog is on Capri! This idyllic island on the Amalfi Coast, Italy is a dream destination and somewhere I would love to return to, as I visited it several years ago. The island is situated in Italy’s Bay of Naples and is famed for its rugged landscape, luxury hotels and designer fashion shops. While I enjoyed an afternoon on the island, I was able to visit some of its most renowned tourist spots and I thought I would share them in this blog!

Capri is an island that has it all: jaw-dropping natural beauty, world-class shops, amazing cuisine and beautiful waters. Here are my reasons why you should go and what I enjoyed doing while I visited this stunning island:

  1. Visit the Piazzetta

The official name of this world famous public square is Piazza Umberto 1. In Caprese dialect, it’s called chiazza, but most visitors to the island, who are foreign and tourists, know it simply as the Piazzetta. The clock tower chimes every 15 minutes marking time throughout the day and there are four different cafes with rattan chairs and tables that are bustling with early morning cappuccino drinkers to those drinking alcoholic cocktails in the evening. Prime time is before dinner when this is the gathering spot for the well dressed to stop for a drink. The piazzetta is stunning and there is an abundance of things to do and see there, so it is well worth your time if you visit the island.

2. Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto  has been amazing visitors since the time of the Roman emperor Tiberius, who loved the Grotto so much, that he commissioned statues to decorate it. This extraordinary optical effect is created by the sunlight bouncing on the cave walls which produces water that is an electric blue – it seems to glow. Be prepared for a transfer into a small rowboat at the entrance and the uncertain possibility you will have to lie flat on the boat to fit into the cave depending on the weather conditions. The Blue Grotto is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Capri and is somewhere I would have loved to have visited if I had had time!

3. The Faraglioni

This massive rock formation made up of three separate limestone stacks is one of the first things you see on your way to Capri. They are so large that on a clear day you can even spot the Faraglioni from Amalfi Coast towns such as Positano and Praiano. Beloved by islanders and visitors, some of the best views are from the scenic overlook at the end of via Tragara. You can swim next to them at the Da Luigi  beach club and sail through them on a boat tour. Very impressive, this rock formation is a definite must-visit and an a perfect ‘instagrammable’ photo spot! If you have a lot of time while in Capri, going for a boat tour or going to a beach club will be a perfect opportunity to relax while on the island!

4. Anacapri

Did you know that there are two separate towns on the island of Capri? Most visitors only visit Capri town as it has famous sites like the Piazzetta, Marina Piccola and the famous shopping streets. However, there is another town on the opposite side of the island and it is only a short bus/taxi journey away from the Capri town. Anacapri is much more vast and residential. This is where you can take the chair lift to the top of Monte Solara.

5. Shops and Bars

Not only is there an abundance of shopping to be done in Capri due to its renowned variety of stores and well known designer brand shops, but also Capri has an electric night life. Capri has an amazing night life, as it is a ‘late-night’ town. Most people will eat their dinner at 9pm or 10pm and nightclubs and bars usually will not open until well past midnight. Most of the locals will nap during the day, so they can dance and drink at one of the island’s infamous night clubs all night.

6. Nature Walks

Capri is loved for its scenic spots and walks. There are miles of walking paths and areas to hike in Capri which are perfect if you hope to relax and enjoy some of the less-touristy regions on the island. The Pizzolungo will take you from the Arco natural through an ancient forest grotto and to a breathtaking view of the sea and the Faraglioni. There are many different paths and walking routes that you can explore, but walking along the perimiter of the island is perfect for a sunset view in the evening. You can also climb the 921 Phoenician stone steps that link Anacapri to the Marina Grande if you want to get an amazing view of the island.

and finally…

7. Look out for celebrities

Every summer, the sections of the exclusive private port in Marina Grande fill up and on the other side of the island, Marina Piccola is dotted with some of the world’s most expensive yachts. Capri has been a star studded destination since the heady dolce vita days of the late 1950s when celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor put the island on the jet set map. Today you could spot Beyonce’s yacht or see the designer Valentino having his morning cappuccino! There are many other celebrities that have been known to enjoy a week-end away in Capri and if you are lucky, you may seem some when you visit!

This blog was in collaboration with the lovely Charleigh – you can read her own blog on Capri here and check out her instagram here!

I asked Charleigh some questions about her trip to Capri and here are her answers:

  1. When did you go to Capri?

I visited Capri in early September and I think this is the perfect time to go, as the weather is amazing but there aren’t as many people around!

2. Is it one of your favourite places you’ve been to in Italy?

Yes, Capri is one of my favourite places in Italy. It’s one of the most stunning places, everywhere you look is picturesque! There is also so much to do in Capri no matter what your budget is!

3. What was the best thing about Capri?

My favourite thing about Capri was the hike to the top of Monte Solaro as I am a very adventurous person! The hike was hard but worth it once I got to the top! Also, all of the views in Capri are amazing. No matter where you look or what cliff you look off there is just beautiful crystal clear water and so many boats!

4. Did you stay in Capri?

No, unfortunately I didn’t stay at Capri. I actually based myself in Meta in order to travel the coast!

5. Did you like Capri and are you likely to return there?

I absolutely loved Capri! Everything about it was great, I didn’t have a single bad experience when I was in Capri! I would love to return one day!

You can read my answers to different questions that Charleigh asked me, by clicking to read her blog here.

Thank you so much for reading this blog! I hope you liked it and found it useful! Comment below if you have been to Capri! There will be more travel blogs coming soon – have an amazing day.

Beth Lucy

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  1. I have actually visited! It is so beautiful. And their sunsets are everything! This blog post definitely does a well job describing it!

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  2. The photos look gorgeous! I really want to visit Capri and the Amalfi Coast one day so ill come back to this! meg xx

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