Is thrifting online better than in person? 

Welcome back to my blog!  Today, I thought I would unpack the pros and cons of online second-hand shopping, to try and understand if it is better than in person thrifting… Time: I spend a lot of time on my phone, so that coupled with my enthusiasm for thrifting makes me the perfect user of… Continue reading Is thrifting online better than in person? 


Zagreb, Croatia Travel Guide

Welcome to my final Croatia blog! After visiting the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes, we began the final leg of our journey and travelled north to Zagreb, the capital city. Arriving in Zagreb: After staying in hostels for the majority of our holiday, we decided to treat ourselves to hotel accommodation. We stayed at the Doubletree Hilton… Continue reading Zagreb, Croatia Travel Guide


Zadar, Croatia Travel Guide

Welcome to my penultimate blog in my Croatia series on Zadar, a beautiful and underrated Croatian city just north of Split. To be completely honest, we were only staying in Zadar as a travel stop on the way to Plitvice lakes. But I am so happy we did because it is such an incredible place… Continue reading Zadar, Croatia Travel Guide


Vis, Croatia Travel Guide

Welcome to my third blog in my Croatian Travel Guide Series! Today's blog is all about Vis, the iconic island in the central Dalmatian which was used for filming in Mamma Mia 2! As we were staying in Split, we visited Vis on two separate occasions. We visited by speedboat once and then on our… Continue reading Vis, Croatia Travel Guide