Welcome to my business page!

I have an Instagram account dedicated to helping ambitious eco conscious people monetise their personal brand. I offer social media coaching sessions and advice in order to help both bloggers and brands achieve their social media goals.

How can I help your business?

I am diligent, hard-working and reliable, with over five years of experience on Instagram and other social media apps. My own Instagram page has over 15,700 followers. I know how to grow Instagram accounts organically and I am also competent at using other forms of social media. I have experience with the following apps: Pinterest, 21 Buttons,, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bloglovin’.

I have marketing experience and already work with a few clients in my local area in order to help them fulfil their social media goals. I established my WordPress website in April of 2020 and prior to creating this website, I had a wix blog, which means I can also help with updating websites.

What can I offer you?

Custom Hashtags for your business or blog to be used on Instagram and other social media apps to gain exposure, grow your page and reach potential clients. 

Social Media Content Plan: helping you market your business on different social media apps. For bloggers, I can help you create a social media content plan, which will ensure you will achieve social media growth. My social media content plans will include information on growing accounts on the following apps: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. However, I can also offer guidance and advice for achieving growth on other social media platforms.

I also offer different tier schemes for social media management.

Blog Writing: Using key search engine optimisation (SEO) terms in blog posts to improve your website traffic.

-How to pitch to brands: For bloggers and influencers, I can help you not only grow your accounts, but also learn: how to pitch to brands, how to land paid work, how to make a media kit which will stand out and how to optimise your social media bios.

Social Media Strategy: Improving your social media accounts to increase visibility.

Website: Regularly updating your website with new content.

I will be creating bespoke social media content plans for your specific business, to achieve your social media goals. I will also offer unlimited support via email and DM (on Instagram.) Coaching will include 1 on 1 coaching calls via zoom or phone and through email.

I charge £25 for 40 minutes. Contact me – email: