How I got to 10k followers in less than a year

Hi everyone!

Thank you for returning to my blog, today I am writing about how I got 10,000 followers on my Instagram account in less than a year. I am NOT trying to boast about this achievement, instead I am trying to give some of my best tips towards helping other accounts grow with authentic followers in the same ways. It’s a shame that I cannot actually remember when I made my Instagram account, I am almost certain it was some time in winter last year, however, my oldest Instagram photo was posted in January of 2018. So, I am calling my ‘one year on Instagram’ in January and I will pick a date to keep. But, I am sure you don’t want me to babble on about this, so I will get straight to the points!


What I did and didn’t do:


This is really important, I know so many huge accounts who have over 20,000 followers and they get almost no engagement on their account for the amount of followers they have. Buying followers is really bad. The accounts are fake and even if they are used at all by real people, then they almost certainly wont be active on your account. Additionally, follow loops can be damaging to your account. They may seem tempting because of the hundreds of followers you gain over night, but honestly they don’t help at all. I have joined several in the past and I have noticed that the followers I gained were mainly from companies or accounts that were not similar to mine in general! I am so happy that I have stopped joining in follow loops because they have not helped at all with growing my account authentically. However, if you find that they do help your account, then by all means keep doing them! These tips are just my own opinions 🙂


Sure, we all care about how many likes and comments we get. But, honestly, is it that important? No, it’s not. I try to maintain a 600 like average on each of my posts which Is really not that great seeing as I have 10,000 people following me. I find myself constantly comparing myself to other accounts which get more engagement than myself and that is not what Instagram is about! We are sharing pictures that we like for a reason, and it really doesn’t matter what the numbers beside the little heart are. Always try and think positively and don’t worry about what you are posting! Remember: you started an Instagram account or blog to share what you love!


You are not going to be able to grow your account up by thousands of followers by spending absurd amounts of time on Instagram. No you are not. I have found it really helpful by using the ‘your activity’ section beside insights. (If you don’t have a business account then you should definitely get one as they are so easy to set up and super helpful!) I use the ‘your activity’ section to manage how long I spend on Instagram and to ensure that I don’t spend over an hour or two on the app! I do this by setting a daily reminder, which is another awesome feature! So many people I communicate with through Instagram spend up to 6 hours on Instagram a day. That is honestly ridiculous! You should be spending time studying, with your family or doing sport which is so much better for your mental health and productivity. Honestly, spending a lot of time on Instagram really won’t help you in any way whatsoever as a lot of the posts on there are not realistic and can make you compare yourselves to others! So, set a daily reminder and start spending more time doing something positive and off a screen 🙂

What you should do…


As I have already said above, it can be so easy to compare yourself to other people, but you just need to remember that the only way to achieve what you want is to focus on yourself. After all, it is your journey and nobody else’s! You need to try and avoid comparing yourself to accounts which you think are ‘better’ than yours.


Don’t copy other people – they will realise and then there could be really bad consequences! Always ask in advance if you want to use a post of someone else’s or a blog idea. As a blogger myself, I find it really disheartening when people use some of my ideas / potential ideas without asking me. I spend so much time coming up with original ideas and so it can be really upsetting. Try and come up with unique content to share with your followers which no one else has shared before, this will also help your account grow authentically 🙂 Thank you for checking out this blog!

I hope you found it helpful and it will inspire you to change the way you use your Instagram account! Please like, share and comment if you found this blog useful! Thank you 🙂 If you would like to read some more of my related blog posts then please click the links below: The Do’s and Dont’s of Instagram – click here How to gain followers on Instagram – click here How to get the right audience and followers – click here

Beth Lucy

4 thoughts on “How I got to 10k followers in less than a year”

  1. These are good advice Beth. I think growing on IG or any social media can be really disheartening but like you said, make the focus about why you are sharing your photo in the first place and that’s what I am trying to do but in the end, it is not about the likes.

    Maureen |


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