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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for returning to my blog. I have decided to write about something very different to my usual blogs, for this week’s blog post. Before I start, I just want to make it clear that I am NOT boasting about this. I only wrote this blog because many of you have been contacting me about how many followers I have and some tips I have that will help you expand your own account. For those of you who have not read my blogs before. I am called Beth Lucy, I am a teenager who loves blogging about travel, books and fashion. I also occasionally blog about music or other general interests I have. Blogging about my Instagram is something I have never done before, so I hope you all enjoy this blog and please comment at the side or on my Instagram if you want more blogs like this one!

MY INSTAGRAM: I set up my Instagram in late October of 2017. Initially, I posted once a week and I did not have a huge amount of followers, probably only about 20. Into January and February I only had about 1000 followers, so how did I expand my account so much? It is a question I commonly get asked. Here are some of the answers. There are several ways you can expand your account, I will be explaining in detail how to do them below!


POST ONCE A DAY: Now, when you are starting your Instagram account, it is important you post often. You should aim to post once a day or every other day. I post every other day because it is sometimes hard to post every day and I never know what to post! You can choose to post once or twice a day, but do not over do it as no one likes scrolling through 20 pictures from the same account every day! You may think that posting a lot every day will lead to follows, but it will potentially lead to unfollowing.

DO SFS: This basically means do shoutout for shoutout. This is when another account posts a picture of your account on their story and you do the same for them. This is important as it maximizes the number of accounts that will see your page! You should choose some of your followers to do sfs with. You could also do fff which means follow for follow – to increase followers.

USE UP TO 30 HASHTAGS IN EACH POST: (POPULAR ONES) Although hashtags do not look nice in the caption, they do mean many accounts will find your posts. If you do not want to do them in the caption, you can do them in the comments. You should aim to use at least 30 if you want many people to find your account, however, you should make sure they are popular hashtags. Why use a hashtag that has 15 posts on it? Not many people will see it! If you want to use more than 30 hashtags, then I am afraid it is just impossible. Instagram limits the amount of hashtags you can use. I have tried using more than 30 hashtags once and expected some likes in the first minute, only to realise that it had not worked due to using too many hashtags and consequently none of the hashtags worked.

USE THE LOCATION BUTTON: Why not? If you are a travel blogger like myself, then you should definitely use the location. This will increase the views of your post and just like with hashtags, people will find your post this way. Why not add your location? Someone who has been to the exact place as you may find it and follow you. Then you will share something in common with one of your followers.

GO DOWN HASHTAGS TO FIND ACCOUNTS: If accounts are liking your posts by doing this, then why not do it yourself? You will find posts that accounts will have posted only seconds ago, that you can like and comment on!

LIKE AND COMMENT ON YOUR FOLLOWERS POSTS: You should try and stay active and like some of your followers posts regularly. I also comment a lot, on pictures that I really like, or that especially interest me! Don’t comment because you feel like you have to, but be genuine and do it from time to time when you like a post.

SHARE EXCITING AND INTERESTING POSTS TO KEEP FOLLOWERS: Share exciting things that are happening in your life. Your followers will be interested and keen to comment about exciting posts, or share your account with other followers if they like your content. It is important to post different things and vary your account.

CREATE SUPPORT GROUPS/ GROUPS WITH OTHER BLOGGERS: It is important to contact other bloggers and to have groups with them, to share your posts with. I am currently in a few blog groups, which is lovely as we share posts and more. It is nice as well to know you are supported by other accounts.

DO QOTD/ HOLD POLLS ON YOUR STORY: QOTD stands for: question of the day. By asking a question every time you post, you are encouraging comments on your blog and you can also share more about yourself with your followers, while learning about them. You can put the QOTD in the caption or on your story! As well, holding polls on your story is a great way to engage your followers and also learn more about them! You should also share on your story about your new posts, if you are keen to maximize how many people see it

GET FEATURED ON SOMEONE ELSE’S ACCOUNT/ PAGE: Find accounts and ask for a feature if they post other people’s pictures or do a favour for another blogger to then be posted on their account. An idea could be reading their blog or giving them feedback on their account. I once posted a book review and then an author shared it on her account. Also, lots of other accounts have reposted my pictures. This does increase your audience as many more people see your account by this. (This answer links in nicely with the next tip – reading other people’s blogs.) Reading other people’s blogs is really important. You can see what they are including which interests the reader, or what topics they write about that you like. Giving a blogger feedback can also mean that they read your blog and give you feedback or share a post of yours on their Instagram.

And finally…

BE YOURSELF: You must remember that these followers are people and they are not just numbers. If you have a small audience of supportive followers who read your blogs every week, then what more can you wish for? It is much better to slowly expand your account. You should also aim to ALWAYS be yourself! You cannot change who you are just for an Instagram account! Stay true to yourself and your followers will like what they see, who you really are! Post pictures that you like and that interest you. Slowly, you will gain a wider range of followers who are also interested in your hobbies, general interests and more. You will experience some unfollows, but that is just life, some people will like your account and then no longer like it, but you will just have to deal with it. This is the way things are.

Well that is it for today! I hope you have found one of the tips I have mentioned helpful. Remember, you will not go up hundreds of followers over night! It takes some time and commitment! Thank you for reading this blog. If you have any further questions then please contact me through my Instagram – @bethlucyblogs – I am happy to help you with anything. If you are a new account and want a shoutout then just Dm me and we can do a sfs! I hope all of you have a lovely day! What have you all been blogging about recently? I would love to know! #instagram

Beth Lucy

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