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Hello everyone!

Welcome to or back to my blog – today is the FIRST ever blog for the ‘blogs club’ that I have created and I couldn’t be happier eek!!

I know that a lot of people are confused about what the blog club actually is and it would be too complicated for me to explain on my Instagram or to send messages individually to you all, so I decided to come on and quickly explain. The ‘blogs club’ is basically a category for all my blogs which feature other accounts or bloggers. There is no one else working on it other than myself and it is basically just a section of my website and a group of blogs dedicated to other content creators who I am inspired by! You can read how to get a feature here and to see what the rules are, but really there are no limits and boundaries as I will feature pages of all sizes (and at the moment I am not even sure I will stick with the rules I have come up with as I want it to be inclusive and fair) so all accounts can hopefully gain the recognition they deserve! I like to think of this project as an easy way to find amazing bloggers, so hopefully you can also find others in your niche or even get featured yourself!


I am going to feature sixteen bloggers/ instagrammers in today’s blog club post! I hope you all like it and discover some new accounts that you will like. I have only been able to feature 16 lovely girls, as there were too many to choose from, and also I am really sorry if you are not featured, I am trying to feature my favourite accounts based on content and may do a part 2 soon!

(Also, the bloggers/instagrammers are only numbered so I could keep track of how many people I was writing about. They are in no ways ranked.)

1) Violet – @violetchristie

Violet has the prettiest feed and the best clothes!

Violet is one of my favourite fashion accounts on Instagram because of her amazing style! All her clothes are so beautiful and her feed is just perfect. She is probably also one of the nicest girls I follow, always so supportive and keeping it real on her page! Her account always makes me long to go back to LA because her Californian content is amazing.

2) Jess – @jess.ldn24 Blog: click here

Jess has the best London page! All her content is so amazing!

Jess has such a pretty feed- her outfits are always stunning and she takes her pictures in such lovely areas of London. As a London blogger myself, I always look to her page for inspiration as she visits amazing places in London, including all my favourite London cafes! Jess also has the best page if you love all things floral and pretty!

3) Esme – @jayne.esme

I love Esme’s page – it is flawless!

Esme has a beautiful page and posts both lifestyle shots and fashion posts. She is also the nicest girl and has an amazing style! You should definitely check out her page! Esme has the best fashion shots, but I also love her lifestyle ones too!

4) @flatlayfashionista

Such a cool idea to post outfit flat lays!

Her account is so original and I love that she shows all her clothes through flat lays! I would definitely recommend checking out her account if you are a lover of fashion as well! She has the best clothes on there too and captions.

5) Sammy – @saltwatersammy

Her outfits are so cute – I love Sammy’s clothes!

Definitely the best person to follow if you also are a teenager and also love fashion. Her style is amazing and I am so jealous of all her clothes – I would love to have her wardrobe! Sammy is also so lovely!

6) Kate – @ultrasophisticate Blog: click here

Kate has the most amazing clothes! I love her account so much!

Kate has the BEST feed and the nicest clothes! She is also so pretty. I always check out her page to see the perfect summer looks too as all the dresses that she has recently shared are amazing! Her story lives are also great to view and her blog posts are great to read.

7) Natalie – @thetrendygal_ Blog: click here

Natalie never fails to post amazing shots!

Natalie is so sweet and has the nicest clothes – all her shots are so stunning! Her captions are also the best, so funny! And how could I forget her adorable dogs?! Moxie reminds me so much of my own dog Izzy who is a cockapoo!

8) Holly – @the_fashion.blogger

I love Holly’s page so much – she is also the loveliest girl too!

Holly is so nice and her fashion shots are amazing! I love her style so much as she usually wears topshop and new look clothing which are my absolute favourites! I’ve been following her for a while and especially love her videos which show different outfits and how she styles them – she often posts these videos also on her YouTube – so go check it out!

9) Josephine – @jvsephvne

Her account is aesthetic goals! So pretty to look at!

Jospehine has the prettiest feed – it is too aesthetic. I need to know how she edits her shots! Her style is also so pretty too as I love all her clothes. If you are also a teenager, you would love her page, so please make sure to check it out!

10) Rosie – @wearsrosie

I’m such a fan of Rosie’s page! All her clothes are beautiful.

Rosie has the cutest style and cats! ! Make sure to check out her page because you won’t regret it. Rosie’s looks are all amazing – I wish I had as many pretty clothes! I love these perfect shots!

11) Luce – @lifeofluceeee Blog: click here

The best page! I love Luce’s style!

Luce has the cutest page! I recently discovered her page and I couldn’t be happier! I am loving all her fashion content and shots. Her captions are also usually so funny and I couldn’t recommend her page more. She also has a hashtag so make sure to use it!

12) Zoe – @femkezoe

Zoe’s page is so unique and her clothes are all gorgeous!

I am always drawn to Zoe’s page because I love her amazing fashion sense and her shots. As a fellow teenager, it is so lovely to be able to support someone else of a similar age who is also growing her page and posting often! She has the nicest clothes so please check out her page!

13) Abbie – @abbiedhaliwal

Abbie’s feed is so aesthetic!

Abbie posts the cutest clothes and she has so so many different clothes! I have recently been loving her different outfit shots which are usually lighter pastel colours which she matches to her phone case (I think this is so clever and original) and It gives her feed the nicest aesthetic!

14) Laura – @laurathomox

I love all of Laura’s cute shots!

I love Laura’s page so much because she posts such amazing fashion content! Her account is so colourful and vibrant! Laura recently posted a shot from Bali which is beautiful – her travel content (which is a little bit further down her page) is also so lovely and has me wishing to travel abroad again! I would definitely recommend her page!

15) Hannah – @hannah.crystal

Hannah is stunning and so is her account!

The prettiest page and the prettiest girl! Hannah posts such unique and original shots – I love them all so much. She also has the best outfits and photography – often she chooses to share her own photography of other models, which I also love!

Last but not least…

16) Ruby – @ruby_valentina_

Her style is my absolute inspiration! I love it!

Her fashion style is my actual inspo. Ruby has the best wardrobe and if I could, I would turn all her photos into pinterest pins and save them to all my fashion boards. Every day she seems to post an even better outfit than before! Definitely a page you want to check out if you love fashion!!

So, that is it for today! I hope you all loved the blog and have checked out some of the girls pages because they are all so lovely and all have amazing and unique accounts! If you liked the first blog of the “blogs club” then let me know! Please comment below, thank you!

Please also share or like the post if you enjoyed today’s blog! I will let you know soon on my Instagram @bethlucyblogs what the next blog in the blog series will be on! You can view the schedule of the blogs for the blogs club here!

Beth Lucy

15 thoughts on “My favourite fashion bloggers / instagrammers – the blogs club”

  1. I love the blogs club already! I think it’s amazing to show exposure to all different types of blogs, no matter how big or small ❤


  2. Love the first instalment of bloggers club, Beth. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for the feature and it’s so lovely to discover some fantastic new pages. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the next one x


  3. I’m loving your Blogs Club series Beth! This post is great! It’s given me so much Instagram inspiration and some new accounts to follow. I’m excited to read the rest of the series! 💛


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