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Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Today’s blog post is all about my favourite youtubers. Since lockdown, I have been spending so much time watching TV, on social media and on youtube! Today I thought I would write about some of my favourite youtubers!

1) Jordan Lipscombe – channel hereInstagram here

Jordan’s Instagram is stunning!
I love Jordan’s videos so much!

So I recently found Jordan’s channel and I am honestly so happy I did! She seems like the nicest girl and has the most amazing videos. I love how genuine and honest she is and each video she uploads is so good – I can’t wait to see what other videos she shares as all her recent ones have been amazing! Jordan is also so pretty and her account is definitely inspirational for all the other people who want to set up or grow a channel!

2) Lucrezia Chloe – channel hereInstagram here

Lucrezia has the most aesthetic Instagram feed!
All of her videos are definitely worth watching!

Lucrezia has such a great channel and as I am similar in age to her, I am always a fan of her videos. During my GCSEs this year, when I was revising for mocks and for my final exams (which have now obviously been cancelled) I found motivation to revise from Lucrezia. All her study related videos are definitely worth watching as Lucrezia shares so many tips for revision and academic success. She is also super clever and I am so proud of her for getting all 9s in GCSES! Hard work definitely pays off! I also love Lucrezia’s videos now, such as the quick fire assumptions challenge and the video on how she earns money! I would definitely recommend checking Lucrezia’s Instagram because it is stunning and life in Dubai looks amazing!

3) Emma – channel here- Instagram here-

Emma is so pretty and I love her makeup videos!
I am loving her channel – her video ideas are so unique!

I found Emma’s channel while I was doing my GCSEs and her videos have been so helpful! I love all her study content and recently I am loving her videos such as: her shein try on haul and pulling an all nighter in quarantine. I would definitely recommend you check out her channel if you are a teenager, to find some amazing content! Emma is also the loveliest and prettiest girl – I follow her on Instagram and find all her makeup videos and fashion photos so good! Definitely check out both her Instagram and channel – she is definitely one of my favourite youtubers at the moment!

4) Jade (Unjaded Jade) – channel here Instagram here

Jade’s Instagram is amazing and each of her captions are always full of value and importance
Jade’s most recent videos are definite must-watches!

Jade has probably got the best channel I have ever found. Not only does she never fail to impress me with the originality of her video ideas, but she also has the nicest personality and seems like such a lovely and genuine person in real life. I have been subscribed to her for YEARS and find that I return from watching one of her videos a more positive and optimistic person. Jade shares everything on her channel from veganism and yoga to academia and university. She is also super clever and did amazing in her A levels! The content on her channel definitely serves as inspirational to so many young people and proves to them that goals are attainable and anything can be achieved in life. I love her positive outlook on life, the way she advocates for important movements (such as BLM) and the wonderful role model she has become for so many people – thank you Jade for being incredible!

5) Eve Cornwell – channel here Instagram here

Eve is so pretty and I love her page!
I have been loving Eve’s most recent videos!

Eve is definitely another one of my favourite studytubers. Recently I have been loving Eve’s videos on criminology and infamous court cases. As an aspiring criminal journalist myself (for ages I wanted to be a criminal lawyer – barrister but I am still so unsure) I find that her recent videos have been of particular interest to me. I think law is definitely a profession that I would love to learn more about and so being able to watch Eve’s videos on law has definitely helped me understand more about law! I have especially loved Eve’s recent video on the Oscar Pistorius case, which was fascinating! Her videos are so original and I love them!

6) Emily Canham – channel here Instagram here

Emily is so pretty and as is her Instagram!
Emily has the best channel and I love all her videos – especially those including her sister Sophie!

Emily has an amazing channel and also a great Instagram account! I have been subscribed to her for a while and find that I love her travel videos the most! One of my favourites has to have been the one on the ‘most instagrammable places in London’ as I found some new amazing photo spots from her video and find that I love her channel as she shares so many unique video ideas!

7) Eve Bennett – channel here Instagram here

Eve is amazing! I love her Instagram!
Eve has great content and videos! I especially love her Oxford videos!

Eve is another one of my favourite studytubers and this is because I love all her study content! She took English lit at a level and as I am due to start English lit a level in September, I find all her a level content and study tips extremely useful. I also watched her video on ‘streetcar’ which I think will definitely aid my own revision of this interesting play in yr12/13 and I also found her article for Cherwell on the play particularly eye-opening. It is definitely a must-read for any prospective English Lit a level students. Eve has some amazing videos and I love her Instagram too! As a fellow aspiring journalist, I find it intruiging to watch Eve’s videos and I think her new magazine called the ‘Meridian Magazine’ is an amazing opportunity for other students who have a passion for writing!

8) Vee Kativhu – channel hereInstagram here

I am so proud of Vee! She recently graduated from Oxford Uni!
Vee’s channel is one of my favourites! I originally subscribed because of her amazing study content but love the other content she shares too!

Vee is the most amazing girl! She is so pretty and has such a brilliant channel! I love her videos (especially her oxford uni life ones) and she is so dedicated to her studies and has a great work ethic! Vee also just completed her degree at the University of Oxford! She is so inspiring for so many young people and an incredible advocate for #blm. I love that Vee uses her platform to empower and amplify Black voices. Vee is a role model for so many people and I could not love her channel more!

9) Saffron Barker – channel here Instagram here-

I love Saffron’s Instagram!
Saffron shares the best videos! I love them so much!

I have been subscribed to Saffron for years, but I am still such a massive fan of her content! I think she is the loveliest girl and has the most amazing channel! Saffron is super genuine, shares the most honest videos and never fails to make her viewers laugh! I am so glad that she uploads often as I always look forward to her videos.

10) Lucy Ledgeway – channel hereInstagram here

Lucy is so stunning! I love her fashion content!
Her videos are amazing!

So I found Lucy’s channel literally a week ago, but I already love it! Lucy deserves way more subscribers on her channel, because her content is amazing! She is so pretty, funny and seems like the loveliest person in general! I wish I had discovered her channel sooner because I am such a fan! Lucy has the best videos and I cannot wait to support her in the future and watch all her videos to come!

11) Martine Rigard – channel hereInstagram here

Martine is so pretty!
I love her channel so much – I am so glad I found it!

Martine has one of my favourite channels and is a small youtuber, so please go and subscribe to her! I love her video content – always super interesting and great! I love learning more about her, as we originally met through Instagram, but now I love being able to watch her videos too which are amazing!

and finally…

12) Byron – channel hereInstagram here

His Instagram is so aesthetic!
I am loving his channel because he is so honest and funny!

I had to include Byron, because he was the creator of the hot seat assumptions video which is filmed in 10 minutes without editing and has become my favourite type of video to watch on YouTube! I loved his video and since then have enjoyed watching how this trend has taken over YouTube! It was such a clever idea as it helps viewers learn so much more about someone! I also love Byron’s videos and think he has come up with some super original ideas!

Thank you for reading! Let me know who your favourite youtubers are in the comments! Please like, share and comment if you enjoyed reading this blog!

Beth Lucy

6 thoughts on “My favourite youtubers – the blogs club”

  1. Loved reading this!! Lucrezia is one of my ultimate favourite you tubers, thanks for more recommendations xx


  2. I’m still in love with this series Beth! I’m not much of a youtube girl but some of those videos look so funny haha! My favourite youtuber is @paigepearson. She only has two videos up but is honestly on of the nicest girls you’ll meet! xx

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