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Today’s blog is on Iceland as I went to Iceland a few years ago and have not yet written a travel blog on the holiday on my website! I was only in Iceland for a few days, but it was more than enough time to explore the beautiful country.

We arrived from our flight early and went straight to the Blue Lagoon, my favourite section of the entire trip. The blue lagoon is a  geothermal spring in Iceland and was amazing! It was so warm and exciting, it felt like I was in any ordinary pool, however I could feel the heat against my feet rising and I felt like I was in a heated pool.


It is extremely busy so I recommend getting there early!

The Blue Lagoon was absolutely amazing, at an impressive 41 ‘c it was especially warm. However, this was great as if you stood up and got out you would feel the coldness from the Iceland winds and remember it was about -2`c as the outside temperature (approximately). I visited Iceland in the Summer, which I would really recommend as it is not as cold! I loved the Blue Lagoon, there were even face masks and drinks that you could get while you were in the magical natural hot spring and  a small secret cove where you could sit and relax with bubbles of warm water flowing like you were in a Jacuzzi while listening to an audio of the history of the lagoon.

You can stay in the Blue Lagoon for as long as you want, from about 3-4 hours as the maximum amount of time. A lot of people ask if the Blue Lagoon is a natural spring, which it surprisingly isn’t! Unlike many of the other springs in Iceland, the land of the blue lagoon is natural, as is the lava that shapes the pool, however the water is actually a result of the runoff of a geothermal power plant nearby. As I have already said, I visited the renowned Blue Lagoon after getting off a bus from the airport. The journey to the Blue Lagoon from the airport is about 45 minutes – 1 hour, so it is important to ensure you are not trying to squeeze too much into the day you visit the Blue Lagoon as it takes a long time to get there and back! You can also store your luggage at the Blue Lagoon If you come straight from the airport, which is useful, however it is ISK 550 for each bag!

Many people also ask if they can swim in the Blue Lagoon. You cannot actually swim as it is more relaxing to just lie in the water. Also, swimming requires goggles and the water is so murky and foggy that you would not actually be able to see through the water if you tried to swim! Additionally, you may not want to put your hair under the water, as one of the unique features of the geothermal spring is the high levels of silica  at the Blue Lagoon. Although not harmful for your hair, if your hair becomes wet with this water, it could become stiff and different to before. 

When you step out of the Blue Lagoon you can embrace a warm shower in the lovely changing rooms. Although very expensive,  I thought the Blue lagoon was amazing and it is one of the most renowned lagoons in Iceland, as well as the best highlight of the trip for me!



– The water is good for your hair. 

– The heat is amazing! 

– The staff are super friendly. 

– You can take your phone or GoPro into the lagoon. 

– It is super healthy and the face masks are good for your face. 

– It is so relaxing!

The Blue Lagoon is amazing, not only relaxing and geographically impressive, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous springs in Iceland! You can get special face masks there and the water has some healthy effects on your hair! As well, the Blue Lagoon has some AMAZING health benefits! Although you may not need to visit for these reasons, it is such a fantastic place to go to while in Iceland and you will not regret it. 

Some of the health benefits: 

– Due to the warm water’s minerals such as silica, these minerals can help heal people who have skin diseases such as psoriasis. 

– It boosts blood circulation.  – Naturally relieves pains.  –  Respiratory problems are relieved.   – Anti- ageing (face masks help with this)

I really enjoyed the Blue Lagoon, I absolutely LOVED it in fact! I enjoyed taking photos in the Lagoon and just enjoying the whole experience with the face masks and the waterfall and Jacuzzis! However, it is very busy and also expensive, I would therefore recommend if these are some problems, then you come early and maybe book cheaper package deals. (There aren’t really differences between the different cost and package options!) 


We then returned to our accommodation and looked around the Reykjavík church. It was amazing and although not very high up and hard to get to, it had a very impressive view! It was also very windy at the top and although expensive, I  would definitely recommend it as you see the amazing views of the city and the volcanoes and mountains! I enjoyed going up the church, not only impressive inside, I also found the view very super! 

It is surprising to learn however, that it took 41 years to build this impressive church. The construction began in 1945 and finished in 1986. The church was originally intended to be smaller and not as tall, however the leaders of the Church of Iceland wanted a large spiral to outshine Landakotskirkja (the Cathedral of the Catholic Church of Iceland.) The church is home to some large pipe organs, which makes it even more impressive and the perfect venue for concerts!

It is also a height of 244ft which is extremely tall, and one of the largest and best known city landscape in Reykjavik. The church does not only have the purpose of services every Sunday, but the large spiral at the top has the purpose  to be used as an observation tower. I enjoyed taking the lift up and then walking up the few steps to see the beautiful city, home to about 200,000 people and also the surrounding mountains. The church was named after a 17 century hymn writer. (Hallgrimur)

In front of the church is also a statue of the Icelandic Viking Leif Eirksson, the first European to set foot on the North American Continent about 1,000 AD. Icelandic sagas suggest he set foot in North America, 500 years before Christopher Columbus did and so the statue is actually a gift from America!

I think the church is really important to visit, not only historical and interesting, it also has an amazing view of the city and I loved taking photos from at the top of the church! I also think the information on the lift floor before going up the steps, is really interesting and great to read!


You can visit even more impressive and spectacular lagoons and glaciers, as well as seeing active volcanoes. Iceland is an amazing place and one of my favourite European countries I have ever visited! We also saw the Cinema and sat in the beautiful building and admired the photography display. We also went to a museum made up of wax people explaining how Iceland became a country and also explaining old traditions from its first people who lived there (VIKINGS) The museum

is called the Viking Saga Museum, which I thought was interesting and great to find out about. I would really recommend that you visit as the museum is very fascinating and I enjoyed it so much! It is also a very engrossing way to learn about Iceland’s history, with audio guides and wax statues!  

I enjoyed my two days in Iceland so much! Staying longer than two days? I recommend you also visit the other lagoons, active volcanoes, famous Northern Lights or whale watching trips which are equally renowned in Iceland and I would have loved to have done all of the following if only we had stayed in Iceland longer!

Thank you for reading this, I hope you understand more about Iceland and what the best things are to do there! I hope you like this post. I have actually finished my travel blog series for now! If you haven’t read my France and American blogs I hope you check them out if you are interested! Enjoy a certain genre of blog? Why not tell me so! Message me through my Instagram  @bethlucyblogs to give me feedback! Moreover, check out my Instagram to see the  releases of my next posts! 

Beth Lucy

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  1. Well water in Blue Lagoon is definitely not good for hair. It is adviced to cover hair with hair mask if you dont want to have it super dry


  2. So jealous…. I really want to visit Iceland and the geothermal Blue Lagoon is top of my list! I’ve also heard Iceland is so expensive though so I better get saving! xx

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    1. Thank you for reading the blog! Yes, unfortunately Iceland is expensive – even going to get meals out at restaurants costs a lot. I hope you get to go at some point though – I am sure you would love it xx

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