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My favourite travel bloggers/ instagrammers – the blogs club

Hi and welcome to or welcome back to my blog!

Today’s blog is a blogs club blog! This ‘club’ or series as it is, seems to be very popular and more people want me to post these blogs. I am only doing one for July, as this month I am going to be working on transforming my Instagram account into a fashion account and I will also be posting more of my own blogs.

However, if you follow me on my Instagram then you will know that my main niche is travel! I have written so many posts so far for the blogs club – you can find them all here – but have never written a blog for travel bloggers because I am scared to! I follow so many amazing and credible travel bloggers, that it would seem unfair to post about my favourites. Yet, here I am, doing exactly that… I may have to do a part 2 as there are still so many more bloggers I hope to feature.

I hope you like this blog and the accounts featured! (In no way are these people’s accounts ranked – they are in no particular order.)

  1. Hannah – @hannahgem16
Hannah is so stunning and her feed is gorgeous!

Hannah has the prettiest feed and has been to so many different countries! Her shots from Bali are stunning and make me want to go there ASAP! She is also the prettiest girl and has the best blog so make sure to check that out too! I cannot wait to see what is to come soon on Hannah’s page.

2. Jordan – @hellomissjordan

Jordan’s shots are incredible! I always look forward to seeing her posts!

I recently found Jordan’s account, but now it is one of my absolute favourites! I love her style and the clothes she wears, as well as the beautiful spots she chooses to shoot her content in. Her photos could not be anymore perfect and I always look forward to her posts! Jordan also has such a lovely personality and her Instagram stories are the best! I always look to her account for travel inspiration and content inspiration too – I cannot wait to see what is to come on her page!

3. Holly – @travels.with.holly

I love Holly’s shots! She has the best photography!

Holly has a fab account and I am so lucky to have connected with her! Her content is stunning and I am such a fan of her UK shots and USA ones! She has supported me so much and is such a lovely friend online. I urge you to check out her account, as you won’t be disappointed, and you will find that you will love her posts!

4. Ashu Ohrie – @ashu_travelislife

One of my favourite accounts! I love Ashu’s feed!

Ashu has one of my favourite travel accounts for photography. His shots are always beautifully captured and composed. I always look forward to seeing his posts, as he predominantly shares shots of India and it is a country I would love to visit! I have not been to Asia yet, but really hope to go!

5. Taylor – @brown.eyed.flower.child

Taylor’s travel adventure in North America at the moment is amazing!

I love Taylor’s page so much and have been following her on Instagram now for some time. Taylor lives in North America and shares some of the best shots from her travels across her country, as well as those abroad. Currently, she is exploring numerous states such as: Nevada and Utah. I am loving her content at the moment, because there are so many places I would love to visit in the States and Grand Canyon as well as Las Vegas are places I would love to go to, which are featured in Taylor’s recent posts! I cannot wait to see what is to come on her account!

6. Emma – @emmaerichsen

Emma has such a lovely account!

Emma has a fantastic account and a stunning feed! I love her shots so much, as she has travelled to so many places that I am yet to explore and they are all on my bucket list! Nepal looks absolutely breath-taking and each of her shots are perfect. Emma is also the nicest girl! I love her page and cannot wait to see what else she will share soon!

7. Sophie – @travel_philosophie

I love Sophie’s page!

Sophie has a beautiful Instagram account that I love! She has travelled to so many places that I would love to travel to and so I always use her account as a source of inspiration for my travels! Sophie also has an amazing Instagram support group that I am lucky enough to be a part of. The group is on Facebook, it is free to join and Sophie shares amazing tips on how to grow an Instagram account. I really recommend joining – you can find the group via the link in her Instagram bio.

8. Lucia – @lucyinthesskyy

Lucia’s account is possibly my favourite that I follow!

Lucia has one of the most beautiful Instagram pages I have EVER seen! I absolutely love her feed – it is practically perfect! It has me dreaming of returning to Greece and in particular, Santorini! I would also love to go to Mykonos. I love her photos, they are all flawless and her feed is a reminder of all the beauty in the world. Forever one of my all time favourite accounts, I am always looking to Lucia’s page for travel and content inspiration.

9. Lauren – @laurengraceharding

I love Lauren’s travel and fashion content!

Lauren is one of the loveliest people on Instagram that I follow! She has a beautiful feed, is so supportive and has amazing fashion and travel posts. I highly recommend you check out her page for some inspiration for content! I also love Lauren’s blog and in particular, her travel blogs. You can find them through the link in her bio!

10. Rebecca – @freespiritnature

Rebecca shares such beautiful shots!

Rebecca has a stunning account that I love! Her travel shots are mesmerising and I adore her content! She is also the nicest girl and is so supportive – I cannot wait to see what is to come on her account.

11. Sisi – @sisiangelove

I love Sisi’s page! Especially her Greek content!

I was drawn to Sisi’s account because of her extraordinary shots in Greece that I loved, but find that I continue to follow her on Instagram because I am now in awe of her other travel shots too! She has fab shots on her account – they are all unique and the spots she goes to to shoot her content are amazing! Her account remains one of my favourites!

12. Sophie – @sophiesuitcasetravel

I love Sophie’s account!

Sophie’s account is one of my favourites because I love her travel content! I only recently followed her page, but I am in love with her feed! Sophie posts amazing travel content abroad, but I also love her photos from the UK! As most people, this year will be a ‘staycation’ for me in the UK, so seeing Sophie’s posts from different areas in the UK has been really inspiring as I am now able to find places to travel to within my country to take photos of and enjoy a holiday at!

13. Jordan and Sam – @travelinourtracks

Their account is amazing and definitely deserves more recognition!

This couple’s Instagram page is one you should definitely follow. I love their posts and their stunning feed! All the photo spots are incredible and always saved by me to refer to for later! I love the colours and the sunset shots too! As I am hoping to go to Asia soon, I find their content from countries such as Cambodia and Laos amazing! I cannot wait to see what other photos they will share on their account soon.

14. Indradipta Sardar – @_.the.excursionist._

Incredible photography!

Indradipta has another wonderful travel page which inspires me! I love his shots so much and they are so useful to help me find the best places to go to for ‘instagrammable’ photos. He shares a variety of shots from across the world, such as some from Sweden and Australia, but also includes history in the captions which makes it so much more interesting to read!

That’s all for today! I hope you liked the accounts I shared – let me know if I should do a part 2!

Thank you for reading!

Beth Lucy

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  1. I loved this!! In desperate need of some new people to follow to brighten up my feed and these accounts are gorgeous 😍 Also, we must be physic uploading a blog post at the same time as each other! Meg xx

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