Berlin – Germany

Hi everyone! Welcome to or back to my blog! Today’s travel blog is on Berlin, Germany as I went to Berlin in November 2019.

I thought I would share my top tips on where to go while you are in Berlin and also what I did while I was in the city.

1) Explore the Markets

When I visited Berlin at the end of November, already there were so many Christmas markets that were up and these markets are definitely the places to go to if you want to get some amazing traditional German food, such as pretzels, and get amazing pictures!

The food markets are especially popular as they offer some of the freshest and cheapest food to buy while in the city and there are an abundance of them across Berlin! I definitely wouldn’t miss going to the markets and recommend the ones in Alexanderplatz, although it would be extremely rare for you to not come across some on your trips in the city.

2) Visit all the historical sites.

Berlin is particularly famous because of all the recent history that has occurred there. Berlin has been one of the most active areas of History over the past century, meaning that there are plenty of places that you should go to in the city if you hope to educate yourself on life during WWI and WWII in Berlin, as well as the impact that the cold war has had on the city and the divide between the East and the West of the city, that is still apparent today. If you are interested in history, then I would recommend trying to visit the many memorials and museums that are in the city, including the infamous bunker, the Anne Frank museum and many other places too.

Most notably, the concentration camps outside of Berlin are worth a visit and as is the topography of terror, where you will walk through a timeline of major events in the war and Checkpoint Charlie where you can learn about life behind the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Stadium of the 1936 Olympics is also an extraordinary site to check out, as in 1936 under the Nazi regime, over 100,000 people could be seated to watch the games in this immense infrastructural amenity, that did prove to the visitors of other countries how powerful the Nazis were. Definitely worth the visit, I would recommend you book a guided tour of the site, as the tour guide I had on my tour was excellent and really helped me understand the history of the stadium.

You should then also make sure to check out the renowned Brandenburg Gate for some photo opportunities and visit the Reichstag Parliament building where I would recommend you pay to tour the rooftop globe for some incredible scenic views of the city.

Five minutes from here, you can reach the Jewish Memorial which is definitely worth a visit and the underground museum which is also free and worth your time to explore. The Jewish quarter of Berlin is also an important place to stop by to learn more about WWII.

3) Enjoy the art

Berlin is home to so much creativity and art! Not only is the Berlin Wall definitely worth visiting and taking photos of, but also there are so many other creative sectors in Berlin that I would recommend visiting, including galleries and exhibitions. Some of the museums and galleries that are favoured include: Berlinische Galerie and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, although there are many others that I would definitely recommend you visit too as there are so many prominent German artists that have their art in these galleries!

How could I forget about the street art! There are so many places in Berlin that have some amazing street art. A lot of the street art can be spotted in neighbourhoods such as: Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg.

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you like Berlin! It is a beautiful city and there is so so much to do! If you enjoyed reading this blog then please comment your thoughts, like and share!

(Disclaimer: none of the photos above are my own -as my travel to Berlin was a school trip, I did not get the opportunity to take many photos.)

Beth Lucy

9 thoughts on “Berlin – Germany”

  1. This post makes me feel really nostalgic. I lived in Berlin for a year whilst studying abroad last year and I’m really missing it haha. It really is one of the best cities- there is so much to do and see! Thanks for sharing 😊

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  2. Berlin is so scenic! I’m really intrigued by WWII so this is definitely a place on my travel bucket list that I have to check out!

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