Interview Questions with @nature.unite

Hi everyone! Today Nature Unite, an amazing sustainable company asked to interview me on my sustainable practices – make sure to check out their website here so you can read their blogs!

● What’s your name & where do you live?

Hi! I am Beth and I live just outside of London, UK.

● What do you do?

I am currently still at school – completing my A levels. Afterwards, I hope to go to university and become a journalist.

● What first brought your attention to the climate crisis and plastic pollution, and

I’ve always been an incredibly conscious consumer – I was brought up to understand that
sustainable living is not only the best lifestyle in order to prevent excessive pollution and
damage to the planet, but also the best for you as an individual. Growing up, I was aware
of how important upcycling items and wearing second hand clothes was. It is not only
unsustainable to invest in an abundance of bags or clothes, but also, when will you ever
find the time or place to wear all those clothes or use those accessories? I frankly found
that being a fast fashion consumer was wasteful and problematic – as I have got older this
has become even more apparent to me.

It was not until I really joined secondary school that I became truly aware of the effects of
global warming and how climate change was affecting our planet. Fortunately, I was
always taught about climate change at school and this encouraged me to make even more
of an effort to reduce my carbon footprint and to live sustainably. I have always had an
interest in Geography too, which really provided me with more information on the extent
to which the climate crisis was damaging the planet. From those topics in school
curriculum to talk that I have attended on climate change, I decided to use my social
media platform to raise awareness about eco-friendly living.

● How have you changed your life since then?

I have always thought of only buying what I need, rather than what I want and so from a
very early age I have been less wasteful and instead increasing the longevity of my
clothing and personal possessions. But, since I became properly invested and committed
in reducing my carbon footprint, I have almost completely stopped buying from
fast-fashion companies and only do buy from them when necessary. I have also began to

spend more money on ethical and sustainable products from small sustainable brands
that I know I can trust. I donate my clothes to charity shops, sell them on depop and
engage in clothes swaps with friends and families. I also have a plant based diet and I am
committed to helping others change, with simple sustainable adaptations to their lives.

● How does sustainable fashion fit into the solution of the climate crisis?

Sustainable fashion is so vital now, more than ever, when finite resources and materials
are being used to make clothes. I find that fast fashion is one of the major factors of the
climate crisis that we must combat and we only can if each individual begins to stop
buying from these brands and instead decides to buy from small eco-conscious brands,
that not only use biodegradable or compostable packaging, but also use ethical materials,
pay their workers fair wages or upcycle plastic to create their products. I find fast fashion
hauls from bloggers and influencers really disheartening, as I know that investing in
quality products that last a lifetime is much more sustainable than buying clothes that will
be thrown away and consequently end up in a landfill site.

● How does a future look like within sustainable fashion?

I think the future is positive as more people are becoming conscious consumers and
making the switch from buying clothes from fast fashion brands to instead shopping from
charity stores, thrifting and buying from environmentally friendly brands. I hope that in
the future, people will also be only buying what they need, as influencers do tend to
publicise their overtly unsustainable lifestyles and this only influences more people to
begin to do the same. There will hopefully be more sustainable fashion advocates on
social media in the future and also many more sustainable brands to choose from.

● In what way are you bringing positive change to your community?

I hope that I am raising awareness about the perils of living unsustainably in a period of
crisis and that I am also providing my community with alternatives to an unethical
lifestyle, so that they feel that they are able to make changes in their lives, however small
they are.

● Name one small but powerful change people can make to better take care of our

I think one powerful change people can make to better take care of our planet is to stop
buying from fast fashion brands. Not only do they account for so much of the wasted
clothes in landfill sites, but they also do not use their profits to prevent deforestation and
usually their workers are exploited. People need to understand that they can receive just as good quality clothes, if not better, from charity stores or from buying fashionable
products from sustainable businesses.

● Main occupation: Studying
● Where are you from: England, UK
● Favourite place in the world is: Portugal
● My favourite book right now is: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
● I cannot live without: my dog, my family and friends.
● My ocean spirit animal is: A dolphin
● My favourite thing about our oceans is: The beautiful sealife / sea creatures we
need to protect.
● First activity in the morning is: Having a shower
● Three words that would describe me are: introverted, friendly and hard-working.
● One of my dreams in life is: To write a book
● My go-to sustainable product is: My upcycled jewellery – earrings

● I am passionate about:
● I am extremely passionate about sustainability – I know how important it is that
everyone does their part in helping combat climate change and I will continue to
use my platform to share my own views and also statistics on this matter. I am also
extremely passionate about feminism – equal rights for everyone. I also believe in
ending social injustice and helping to end poverty around the world. Whenever I
can, I donate to charities that will help end poverty and for other equally
important matters. I hope that by spreading awareness about climate change and
its implications for our planet, I can help encourage other young people and the
younger generation to make sustainable changes.

Thank you for reading and thank you to Nature Unite for interviewing me!


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  1. This was a great read – we share a lot of the same views! I’ve been phasing out fast fashion since 2018 and its really helped me to shift my mindset about consumer culture and be more mindful about the amount i consume and waste xx

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