How to gain followers part 2

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for returning to my blog. If you have never read any of my blogs before, I am Beth Lucy and I blog about my general interests, travels, books and fashion looks! Today I have decided to write a sequel to my first blog on how to gain followers on Instagram. Some people have asked for a follow – up blog and to celebrate 3000 followers, I agreed I would do that!

So, I have decided to write something a little bit different to the first one I did for you guys! This blog is about how to gain the right followers, because I think last time I went through everything you can do to get followers, so I felt there was nothing to add.


Some people really do not realise why it is so important to get the right followers. You need certain followers, otherwise accounts will unfollow and we don’t want that, right? So, I am going to give you a list of things to do to get the right followers and then I am going to go into detail on each one!

WHAT TO DO: – Develop a niche. – Find people through specific hashtags . – Join support groups and chats for your interests. – Find similar people from comments on your posts. – Go through your suggested accounts. – Find people through the explore page.


To start your account , you can do any of the suggestions above, or find a larger, but similar account to yours, to help you develop your account. Now, I am going to go into some detail into the following examples of how to gain the right followers.


All this simply means is to develop something you are going to keep on your account, such as a certain hobby. You would only post about that hobby and little else. For example, you only post about your baking and cooking hobbies. Or let’s say you love sport, then you post about your sport interests. This will mean, that over time, people who share the same love of baking or sport will find your account and follow you. Developing a certain niche means that you are more likely to find followers who will like your posts and comment as well, they may chat with you and share your account with others. Developing your niche will also prevent many unfollows, as those following will maybe be a similar person to you and they will love what you are sharing. For myself, I am currently struggling with my posts. As a travel addict, book worm and shopaholic, I always want to share a different blog on any of these topics each week. This means, many of my followers are all completely different and they have opposite tastes in posts and interests to me and others. I work hard to please my followers, I make sure I post different posts on all of these topics, however I do post more book pictures than anything else! This means a lot of my followers, who love fashion and travelling, do unfollow eventually. It is so vital to have a certain niche as it will help you develop and grow your account quicker than doing different posts each day on different interests you have. It becomes a virtual circle, because if your followers like your content, then they will have followers who like the same things. This means it is more likely their followers will want to follow you as well!


Once you have developed a niche, you can then go through this hashtag and like or explore others accounts. Let’s say you are a beauty account, then you go through the hashtag beauty and find similar accounts to your own. This is a simple and effective way to find people similar to you, who also like the same interests as you. Finding the right followers, or more simply, the same accounts as you will really help your account grow.


When you have found the right types of followers, it is great to communicate with them. Give them shoutouts, like their posts and also start up a chat with them or with a group of similar accounts to your own! This way, you can support one another and also see what is popular on their accounts. This will mean that more of their followers will become attracted to your account, and eventually you will get the right followers!


You could also find people through your comments or your own posts! When posting, always use hashtags that are related to the post, because then people going through the hashtag will find it. This will mean they probably have an interest in that hashtag, and you could follow them. So, when you next post, once you get a few likes then maybe check if the people who liked the post are followers of you or not. If they are not a follower, but they appear to have similar posts and interests to you, then you should definitely like a few of their posts or follow them! They are definitely the right follower for you! As well, if you get comments from people you do not follow, then make an effort to respond and then maybe check out their account! You should do this, because, if they found your account through a hashtag you used, then they probably have similar pictures to yours!


Instagram sometimes gives you suggested accounts to follow, this will come up where you can see like, follow and comment notifications. These are accounts that you do not follow, but Instagram suggests you follow. Now these accounts have not been selected because they share similar content to yours, but rather because some of your followers follow these accounts. Once you have the right followers, the suggested accounts Instagram shows you, could be potentially really helpful! However, if you do not have the right followers yet, then you should check out the explore page, because this is where you can find similar accounts to your own. As well, if you do not get suggested accounts from Instagram, then using the explore page Is really helpful. Thank you for reading today’s post! I hope you have found some of the ideas helpful and please remember that it does take quite a while to get the right followers and to stop unfollowing! You will still get unfollowing if you do have the right followers, however a lot less than if your followers are not suited to your account.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you for over 3000 followers on my Instagram account! Would anyone like to see a part 3 to this blog or some more blogging tips? Comment your ideas in the comments box! And If you do not follow my Instagram account, I would love it if you would check it out – @bethlucyblogs. If you enjoyed reading this blog then please like it or share it below on any of the social medias! How has everyone’s week been? Comment your own blog in the comments so I can check them out! Thanks!

Beth Lucy


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