Pets and why you should have one!

Hello everyone!Welcome back to my blog. Today, I am writing about pets (because I love them) and why you should get one! To start, I have a dog called Izzy and she is a blonde (apricot) cockapoo. She is two years old and is the best pet ever! I haven’t had any other pets before her. Getting a pet really changed my life, up until getting Izzy, I never really looked after anyone else/ anything else.


– I feed Izzy – I play with her – I go on walks and runs with her.

Izzy has given me new responsibilities and has definitely changed my perspective of dogs and all other pets. I used to be so scared of dogs, especially big ones. Now I am fine with them, because getting a dog myself has changed my view of other animals. More about Izzy: She is so sweet and fluffy! And I love how she knows certain things and when she knows when I am going to feed her or play with her

.Additionally, the best thing about my dog, is when she curls up on my lap and falls asleep! Adorable, right? However, the only thing I do not like about Izzy, is when she barks so loudly. It can be really frightening! And also when she jumps up at my legs. It happens because she is excited to see me, but it is really annoying and my legs can get scratched! Also Izzy can now open doors. She paws at the back door when she wants to go into the garden and also puts her paw around a slightly open door so she can get through.


My dog is the love of my life! (I do not mean it literally) But Izzy has really changed who I am, and I am sure that anyone else with a pet would agree.

1) You should definitely get a pet if you are scared of animals. For example, I was always scared of big dogs, and getting a puppy has meant that my fear has slowly vanished.

2) You should get a pet if you are alone most of the day, or want a companion. It makes me smile when I see my dog so eager to see me, even when I have had a bad day! It is sometimes nicer to find a companion who can talk to you (e.g a human!) But having an animal that only understands a few words ‘walk, food, play, sit….’ means that you can tell them things about your day, without them suggesting anything else or saying anything. I love cuddling up with Izzy when I have had a bad day and knowing she doesn’t need to say anything back, but her company is just enough to make me feel better!

3) If you are stressed, getting a pet is perfect for you! Studies show, that just by petting a dog or an animal, you can increase levels of a stress-reducing hormones in your body. Also, it is proven that pets can reduce depression and anxiety.

4) Do you need to be more active? Getting a dog can really transform your lifestyle and make you a healthier and fitter person. You can exercise daily!

So, those are some of my reasons for why you should get a pet if you do not already have one. I also think that having a pet gives you an additional responsibility and means you having something to care about. For example, For Izzy’s first birthday, my family and I organised a party for her with her brother! I know, it is weird isn’t it?! But it felt normal for us, because she is part of our family now. What are some of the weirdest things you have done with your pets? Here is a picture after Izzy’s party 🙂

I thought I would include some pictures of my dog, because I will probably be doing more blogs based on her in the future! Do you have any pets yourself? Comment their breed in the comments box below!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. Please like this blog or share it, if you enjoyed reading it! Some new posts will be up on my Instagram if you are interested. Would you like another blog on pets? Send me some suggestions!

Beth Lucy

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