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Thank you so much for coming to read my blog. Today I am so excited to share with you my blog on LA. It was probably my favourite part of my entire holiday, despite the fact that we were only there for a few days. If you haven’t already read my Washington D.C. blog but you would like to see it, then please click here. If you haven’t already read my Charleston blog, which I posted last week, then you can view it here, if you would like to. In the 3 days that we were in LA, I got to do and see some incredible things! I will be sharing them all through each day and letting you know which things I really recommend doing. However, this blog is only very short as my second day which I spent at the Incredible Universal Studios is going to be a separate blog, so please watch out for it!

DAY 1:

We started our first day in LA, very early. My family and I got changed quickly and took our hotel’s shuttle to the metro station. You may think we are crazy, because most families in LA hire cars, however we wanted to go to Santa Monica and it would have been at least 1 hour away in a car (and that would probably be without any famous LA traffic jams!) In comparison, on the metro it was from 30 minutes to 45 to get to Santa Monica. The metro was ok, I mean it was very cheap for everyone in my family and easy to use, however a lot of tramps stay there beside the track and so it can be a little dodgy. Many of them also get onto the trains and pester the passengers for money.

However all in all, our ride was alright and we quickly departed the metro to go down into the streets of Santa Monica. It took about two minutes to walk to the Santa Monica Pier, it is so beautiful but extremely busy! There are so many rides on the pier and also shops. On the pier, I had a great view of Santa Monica beach and the famous Venice beach. After a little while my family and I walked down to the beach and walked pleasantly along the road. We found the Shutters Restaurant which is attached to the five star ‘Shutters on the beach hotel.’ The food was superb and the server was excellent! Also the food, although pricey, was delicious and so we shared a few flat breads between us.

Venice Beach!

After lunch, we continued walking down to Venice beach, but then we turned around as we had been walking for too long and we needed to get back to enjoy the rest of our time in Los Angeles. We got back onto the metro and we got off downtown to get onto the dash tour bus. It was a quick journey and we arrived at the Griffith Observatory, which is passed Griffith Park. The Observatory was free and there are amazing views of the city and of course, the Hollywood sign!

Palm Trees on Venice Beach
Views from Griffith Observatory

We didn’t have enough time in LA to hike up to the sign, so we figured that going to the Observatory was an easier alternative. Believe me when I say that the views were amazing! I really enjoyed looking around the observatory and also inside where there was the incredible telescope and many exhibits. This Observatory also featured in many famous films, including La La Land (one of my favourites!) Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, as the characters Mia and Sebastian, danced inside the Observatory and looked outside. I would really recommend going as it was a highlight of my holiday for me.

Me looking out at the hollywood sign

After taking the bus back, we got onto the metro to stop off at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was truly amazing! Although extremely packed with people and many dressed up as spider man, I enjoyed walking across the stars and taking some photos. As well, I loved going to the hand inscription part where we got to see some celebrities hand prints. I really enjoyed it! We didn’t spend much time there as it was so busy, but despite this I did really love looking around the street. We then went back to our hotel to eat our dinner.


The next day we went to Universal Studios, it was amazing! A separate blog post will be up later!

(The day after) Early in the morning, we got up and went to the financial district. Here we enjoyed eating lunch at the Westin Bonaventure. The famous hotel which features in many movies due to its incredible elevator system with the different colours. The hotel was also featured in the film ‘the battle of the sexes’ where they use the elevators. It was also featured in many more films!

After we had lunch there, it took a few minutes for us to walk to the famous OUE Sky Space Centre which we went into and enjoyed looking around. It was quite expensive, but definitely worth it. They had some amazing interactive displays and also beautiful views from the top of the building. I also really enjoyed the sky slide which is a small slide built outside of the building with glass. This makes it seem really scary because you can see how far up you are! The building is 310m high and the sky slide is on the 70th floor! It honestly seems so bad and I didn’t want to do it, but the slide is only 13.7m long and is over in under 10 seconds.

Looking out at the views of LA
The Sky Slide – Los Angeles

The views (360 degrees) are incredible and you have to sit on a mat to go down. I loved it! After I had landed I took some photos of me with the angel wings which were attached to the glass. I had to get a photo, I mean come on, I was in the city of Angels! Here are some pictures of the sky centre. Well that is all I did in LA! I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. Please like, share and comment if you enjoyed reading this and also my new blog on Universal Studios (which I also did in Los Angeles) will be coming out soon! Thank you for reading!

Beth Lucy

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