Top dog breeds and why!

Hello! Today I am writing a blog which is a little bit different to any other one I have written! My blogs are usually about travel, fashion or books I am reading, however this blog is a little bit more different. The title may suggest I am writing about dogs and yes I am! Not just the top dog breeds voted most popular but also my favourite and some other dog facts you may not have known. So, do you have a dog? I have a golden (or apricot) 4 year old F1 cockapoo called Izzy. And so I am a huge fan of cockapoos obviously! It is actually Izzy’s birthday today and that is why I have written this blog. Although I love cockapoos, I also love many different breeds of dog and I will mention them below.

Izzy – collapsed after her 1st birthday party with her brother!


1) Labrador Retriever 2) German Shepard Dog. 3) Golden Retriever 4) Bulldog 5) Beagle

So, why were these dogs the favourites and should you be surprised? Actually, in many different countries the results always vary. However, also in the UK, the Labrador is the most popular dog, why are they the most popular?


Labradors have a great combination of physical ability, intelligence and obedience. They are very popular for their eagerness to please their owners. Many Labrador retrievers are good natured and suitable for families. They are one of the best suited dogs for children of all age. They are also a very popular breed of dog due to their desire to be used for assistance and as guide dogs. The Labrador has celebrated a quarter of a century as America’s most loved dog due to their loyalty and many other valuable qualities.

As well, Labradors have been made famous due to their involvement in films such as ‘Marley & Me’ where Marley conveys the fun and mischief of any young puppy. The other dogs on the list are loved for various different reasons, and yet it is interesting to see how the results of the top most popular dogs of the USA contrast with the top 5 of the world.

TOP 5 DOGS IN THE WORLD : 1) Labrador Retriever 2) Bulldog 3) German Shepard 4) Poodle 5) Beagle

I find it interesting to notice that the lists are very similar, and they both have the Labrador Retriever as their favourite dog. Here’s why the other dogs are so popular!


These dogs have a friendly, yet lazy demeanour which attracts the general population to them. They are also loyal and good natured with unique looks which set them apart from other dogs.


They are very popular due to their ability to be trained and they can be military dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs and much more! They are strong, loyal, intelligent and obedient. As well, they make great guard dogs.


They are friendly, loyal and very intelligent! They are still continuing to impress audiences in dog shows due to their obedience and intelligence. Additionally, they are hypo-allergenic and this makes them highly sought-after for interbreeding and they produce breeds such as the popular cockapoos and golden doodles.

BEAGLE: This adorable breed of dog is famous and popular due to not only their friendly nature but also their major involvement in films such as “Shiloh” where the lovely dog breed are easily recognisable! So, these may be the World/ USA views but what about mine? You may disagree with my list, however everyone has different opinions!

For me:

My favourite dog has to be the cockapoo. They are a mix of a cocker spaniel and a toy/miniature poodle. I could say a million amazing things about this breed of dog and yet they are also very loud barkers! As well, they need grooming constantly as they do not malt. Despite the small negatives, Izzy is full of energy, friendly, loving and always good-natured. She is also hypoallergenic which is useful if you are allergic to dogs. I cannot recommend these dogs enough! However, I would advise thorough research into getting any puppy and especially cross-breeds as it is important to know what your dog will look like and how they will behave, although all dogs are different. I also really love other cross-breeds such as the golden doodle and cavapoos! Here are some pictures of Izzy.

Izzy as a puppy!

My second favourite dog is the spaniel. I think they are beautiful dogs and good-natured, friendly and docile. I would say however, that they need a lot of walks and they can be very energetic!

My third favourite dog is the Golden Retriever: I think this breed of dog is beautiful, and despite the fact that they are larger and bigger than the usual dogs i like, I think their loyal and calm manner makes up for their size. I am not saying there is anything wrong with their size, I just personally do not like big dogs as I don’t like them jumping! However saying that, some small dogs can be quite aggressive, and much more than bigger dogs. Retrievers are also loving, loyal and gentle. And I personally love their long coats!

My fourth favourite breed of dog is the Dachshund, as I think they are so sweet because they are small and also they are very gentle, playful and loving! However, some research and sources seem to believe dachshunds are sometimes stubborn and aggressive. Is this true Dachshund owners? Every dog is sometimes stubborn and aggressive, so to me it doesn’t really mean anything.

My final favourite dog is the Irish Setter. They are a rather large dog which are great for families, due to their friendly, affectionate, independent, lively, companionable and energetic characters. They are also extremely beautiful dogs and I love their long and glossy coats! I hope you have learned more about dogs, I love so many different breeds of dog which made it really difficult to write this! If you have a dog then why not mention them in the comments box or give me some feedback through my Instagram – bethlucyblogs.Thanks and I cannot wait to write some more blogs!

Beth Lucy

2 thoughts on “Top dog breeds and why!”

  1. I have two rescue golden retrievers and they are not my first set of rescued golden retrievers either. All of them that I have had do not jump at me. They are the most gentle, loving animals ever! Yes they like stinky, muddy water but what dog doesn’t!


    1. Yes, that is so lovely! I love my dog so much too and she is so gentle! That’s so nice that you have rescue dogs – thank you so much for getting your dog from a rescue centre! We need more people like you!! When I am older. hopefully I will be able to get rescue dogs of mine to provide company for Izzy.

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