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My favourite positive bloggers/instagrammers – the blogs club

Hi everyone! Welcome to or back to my weekly blogs club post! Today’s blog is all about the positive bloggers and instagrammers that I have been loving recently!!

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1) Candice – @daydreamercandice Blog: here

Candice has such an amazing account. I love it!

Candice is the loveliest girl! Her Instagram is full of positivity and she chooses to often share inspiring quotes and thoughtful captions which are reminders that we should express gratitude, love ourselves and become close with people who motivate and encourage us! Candice also shares on her blog so many posts that are as inspiring and important as her Instagram captions. I love her optimism and her instagram shots are beautiful!

2) Emily – @princessemily_m Blog: here

I love the variety of posts on Emily’s account!

All things pretty and pink, Emily’s page is so stunning! Emily recently created a positivity project, where each day there would be challenges to take part in, such as: taking time off social media or having a self-care day. The project was so broad, meaning people were given flexibility over what positive activities they wanted to do each day! I was lucky enough to be asked to help share the project and the positive response we received was amazing! I thought this idea was so lovely and original – you can still read all the blogs from the project on Emily’s website!

3) Tanya – @positivelytanya Blog: here

I love how Tanya shares quotes!

Tanya has an amazing page and I love that she uses her Instagram to share quotes and other important information on staying positive in extremely tough situations and during your journey of healing. The quotes she shares are especially important and helpful and I love that some of them are even her own. Tanya offers advice, shares important information and has her own blog which covers all sorts of topics ranging from healthy relationships to sexual abuse. You should definitely check out her page!

4) Chloe- @a_little_insight Blog: here

Chloe seems like the loveliest girl and she spreads so much positivity in her posts!

Chloe has the prettiest page and I love how she is positive through a variety of different topics such as body positivity, mental health and self-love. Her optimism shines through her page and she is such a lovely genuine person! I recommend you check out her account!

5) Carrie – @carrie_pendle

Carrie’s feed is stunning!

Carrie has the best account ever! She is such a lovely girl and I have been following her for a while now. Her posts are so stunning and her captions are even better! She recently shared a post for mental health awareness week which I think really does serve as a reminder that we are all worthy and enough. Carrie also has her own hashtag #carriekindness on Instagram which again, only reinforces what a positive and lovely person she is, because kindness is so so important and does matter!

6) Alex – @alexbeazly

I love Alex’s positivity!

The loveliest girl with the best positive attitude to life! I love her body positivity and self-love! Such an inspiration to so many people and the best role model on this platform for sharing love and optimism. I love Alex’s account!

7) Loz – @positivelyloz Blog: here

I love Loz’s page!

I only started following Loz recently, but I love her page. I think it is amazing and her blog is so great, a helpful reminder that we should always take moments out of our day to reflect and meditate. Loz is so lovely and even has her own hashtag to spread even more positivity! It is called #positivelyus and you should definitely us it!


8) Jess – @jesschamilton

One of my favourite accounts! So pretty!

I have been following Jess for the longest time! In fact, I am sure it has been several years, as she was the first ever blogger account that I came across and followed on my private/main Instagram account. I was always inspired by her stunning photos from across the world, her amazing blog posts and in some ways, Jess inspired me to start my blog and instagram! I realised that the world of blogging and the community is much larger than I had ever imagined , but all the same, so friendly and welcoming! I have always loved Jess’ travel content, from Disneyland Paris to Mexico! Her page is incredible and her photos have always been outstanding, but recently, Jess began to share body positivity posts that were super hard for her to post, but reinforce how brave she is! I am so proud of her for sharing, because we really do need to normalise cellulite, stomach rolls, stretch marks and all the other parts of our bodies that we all have! I love the positivity in these posts as Jess has become so inspiring. I also think it is amazing that she is using her page to become a role model for the many young girls that follow her.

9) Jess – @jesselleking Blog: here

I love Jess’ account so much!

Jess seems so genuine and kind! I love how she keeps it real on her Instagram, especially on her stories! I only found Jess’ account recently, but I am so happy I did, because her page is the most honest and positive account I have found in a while! I found Jess’ page through someone else’s that I follow as they shared a post of them with the hashtag #mymirrormessage. I checked out Jess’ page and was instantly a fan! I thought that sharing an important message like this was the perfect way to spread love and optimism in a time of uncertainty. Thank you Jess for being an inspiration to so many people and for always being an advocate of body positivity and self-love.

10) Jessa – @lovealwaysjessa

Jessa’s new content is amazing! Keep it up lovely!

I have followed Jessa on Instagram for a while now! Jessa is so kind, humble and lovely!! I have always loved her content, but recently she has been sharing some amazing body positivity shots that definitely deserve more credit and recognition. In particular, I love her post on greasy hair and normalising it, which I really resonate with because it really is normal and we all get greasy hair, so why hide it? She is amazing and I am loving all her original body positivity content which I have never seen on other people’s pages!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this blog! If you did – please like, comment and share! There will be more soon!

Thanks once again for reading.

Beth Lucy

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