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My favourite book bloggers/ instagrammers – the blog clubs

Hi everyone!

Welcome to or back to my blog. Today’s blog is one from the blogs club series, where I will be sharing my favourite book bloggers and instagrammers. If you like reading or belong to this niche, then please make sure to check out some of the people mentioned below!

1) Jess – @bookseller_jess

Jess has the cutest feed!

Jess has an amazing account and shares so many incredible books that are all on my TBR! I would definitely recommend you check out her page to also see some lovely photos of nature and her adorable pets!

2) Telma – @turn_the_pages_of_books

Telma has the prettiest feed! I love it!

Telma is definitely one of my favourite book bloggers. I have been following her for a long time and I have always loved her captions where I can read more about the books which she shares on Instagram. Telma recently published her first novel ‘The Angolan Girl’ which is a family drama and is based on a true story. You can purchase the book from any book store! As an aspiring author myself, I love being able to learn from others and find that Telma’s story of becoming an author herself and sharing her own book on her social media is extremely inspiring.

3) Parisa – @parisamk

I love Parisa’s feed!

I have been following Parisa for a long time on Instagram and her account remains a firm favourite of mine in the book and reading niche. I love her weekly book reviews and recommendations, as well as her amazing lifestyle and fashion posts! Parisa also advocates for very important issues and movements, which is so inspiring! I love her account so much!

4) Ruby – @rubysbookblog

Ruby has the cutest feed!

Ruby’s Instagram is amazing! I love her posts on the books she reads and find that I like similar books to her! As a fellow teenager, I love being able to see that other teenagers still love reading and I find that this is extremely encouraging seeing as less young people seem to read as much now. I also love that as Ruby and I are close in age, If I ever want a book recommendation, all I need to do is check out her account as I can rely on her to share brilliant book reviews. Thank you Ruby for sharing your love of reading on Instagram!

5) Arwa – @thebooktheque

I love Arwa’s account!

I love Arwa’s page and find that she shares the best recommendations for reading, as well as some of her own tweets from twitter which are so good! These tweets are usually super inspiring or amazing quotes that I think when you see in your home page can really make you feel much more positive and optimistic! I also love the jokes that Arwa shares on her page (including one of her recent posts about the author John Green) because they can remind us to take time to laugh and have fun! I love that her Instagram is a positive account!

Thank you for reading this blog post! I do not follow that many book bloggers, but would love to follow more! If you liked this post – please let me know! Feel free to comment, like and share! Thank you once again for reading!

Beth Lucy

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