How to grow accounts on social media…

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog –

today I will be sharing my main tips on how to grow on social media!


– Connect with people that you already know, e.g those that you follow on Instagram for example.

– Set up lots of boards and use hashtags!

– Add at least 100 pictures (not your own) and repin to your page.

– Share your own photos, using hashtags as they could go viral ,meaning more exposure to your page.

– Create a business account so you can track analytics.

– Pin good quality photos.

– Link your pinterest to your other social media accounts.


– Share often

– using hashtags and good quality photos.

– Create a business account to track analytics.

– Add friends/ followers from other social media accounts.

– Add mutual friends.

– Engage with followers and only add followers specific to your niche.

– Create a page specifically for your niche/ business.

– Join support groups.


I have so so so many blogs all about how to achieve major Instagram growth!

There are blogs aimed at accounts of all sizes e.g on how to get your first 1,000 followers to 10,000 followers, so if you want to check any of them out, the link to see my Instagram related posts is here.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope it was useful!See you soon!

Beth Lucy

6 thoughts on “How to grow accounts on social media…”

  1. This was so helpful! I don’t really use Pinterest for blogging and my Facebook is personal, so I really found the one for Instagram super helpful!! 😍

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