Most shared places on Instagram-2020

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog!Today I am going to be writing a very different blog to usual and I have decided that as a travel blogger, it would be interesting to do some Instagram research and find out which countries or attractions (e.g. Eiffel tower) are most popular or shared most on Instagram and why is that? Here are the results I found!

(not my own picture)


Here are the top four: (2020)

4) USA – North America – #usa has 98 million photos!

It is no surprise that the amazing North America makes it in the top four, as the USA has an abundance of beautiful beaches, towns, cities, mountains and so much more! The iconic New York itself had over 100 million pictures using the #newyork!

3) Indonesia – over 102 million photos use #indonesia

Indonesia is stunning and I would love to go to Bali so badly! Bali has over 61 million photos tagged on its hashtag #bali!

2) Italy – over 123 million photos use the #italy

Italy is without question one of my favourite European countries. There are so many beautiful cities to explore there and I hope to return soon!


1) Japan! Over 128 million posts use #japan

Japan is a country which I would love to visit! It just looks incredible – Tokyo in particular!


10) Rome

There is really no surprise here, as Rome is renowned for its architecture. There is the colosseum, Trevi fountain and so many more places to explore in this beautiful city!

9) New York

I was surprised why this city was not nearer the top 5! New York is famous for so many iconic shots, and it is somewhere I hope to return so so soon!

8) Seoul

I found this one super interesting! I have not actually seen any shots of Seoul on my Instagram home page recently, but it seems to be a beautiful city and somewhere that definitely does have ‘instagrammable’ spots!

7) Paris

Paris is probably my favourite city in the world! I think it is stunning and as the city of love, the pictures on Instagram of couples always receive lots of likes!

6) Madrid

I have not been to Madrid before and I really want to! Spain is definitely a European country that I am yet to discover!

5) Miami

I want to go to Florida so badly and Miami looks amazing!

4) Taipei

This city looks amazing and hardly ever comes up on my home page! I’d love to go and visit there!


The capital city of my country and my own city… This came as a surprise! I can’t believe London made the top 3, although I do think some areas of it are very very instagrammable, although I may be slightly biased! You can read my blog here on the instagrammable places and click here to read where I recommend you go in London!

2) Bangkok

I want to go Thailand soon! Not only Bangkok is amazing, but also Phuket looks superb! I have never been to Asia before so I think I would love to go there!

1) LA

It doesn’t surprise me that Los Angeles is number one on the list of the top places that will get you the most likes on Instagram! There is no where else quite like Los Angeles in the world! I went two years ago and absolutely loved it! My top pictures on Instagram for likes are actually from Los Angeles!!

Venice Beach


5) Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

This bridge is iconic! I have always wanted to visit San Francisco, but unfortunately did not get the chance to when I went to America in 2018. I would love to return and visit the Golden Gate Bridge!

4) Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

America has it all! The fountains here, the mini Eiffel Tower and the hotel make up the most instagrammed shots of Las Vegas, as well as the famous sign!

3) Chichen Itza, Mexico

Dating back to 600 AD, this landmark remains one of Mexico’s most famous, and photos of the monument receive lots of love on Instagram! If you go to Mexico, make sure you take the time to check out this beautiful landmark!

2) Eiffel Tower, Paris

Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower and when in Paris, you need to go and get a shot there! I have been to Paris twice and I have gone up the Eiffel Tower twice too! It stand 323 metres above Paris and boasts some stunning views which you could share on Instagram too!

1) Times Square – New York

This square is renowned for being featured in many popular movies, as well as being the busy intersection in New York city. It is extremely busy, but can’t be missed! I would love to get the chance to return at some point, because I loved it there! All of New York’s landmarks are amazing and receive a lot of love on Instagram!

(Not my own picture)

I hope you liked today’s blog and I hope it gave you some insight into which travel posts perform better on Instagram! I personally love visiting quiet places too and I am going to be writing a blog on my top 5 instagrammable locations to visit, that are super quiet!

Thank you for reading! Please like, share and comment if you enjoyed reading it and learned something new!

Beth Lucy

6 thoughts on “Most shared places on Instagram-2020”

  1. i loved this post beth! london is definitely my favourite city too and it is beautiful its own unique way -i think-! I’m yet to travel to the usa but i really want to! bangkok is gorgeous but phuket is stunning; especially when you can get pictures with an elephant (as long as the place you go ks sustainable and the elephants are not harmed or ridden! I highly recommend Green Elephant Park if you ever go!) meg x

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  2. This post was such a nice read Beth! You definitely gave me more cities to travel to one day 😂 London and Paris are two cities that are top of my travel bucket list! 💖


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