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Welcome to or back to my blog!

Today’s Blogs Club post is on my favourite food bloggers and instagrammers! You can read all my previous blogs from the Blogs Club here on other niches.

I hope you like this blog and the accounts featured! (In no way are these people’s accounts ranked – they are in no particular order.)

  1. Autumn Atelier – @autumnatelier
Such a beautiful account!

Autumn has the prettiest Instagram feed and shares the most aesthetic food shots! All her recipes she shares and her food content are incredible! The food looks amazing and her photography is also flawless. I love Autumn’s blog too and enjoyed reading about her travels to Greece! I recently visited some of the Greek islands and so it was interesting to read about her own perspective and experience in Santorini. You can check out her blog here!

2. Nadia – @nadiaknows_

Nadia has such a stunning feed!

I have been following Nadia for a while and I love her account! She shares the most perfect food shots and her recipes are uploaded on her blog which is brilliant if you choose to use them! You can check out her blog here. I love Nadia’s Instagram and blog! The sweet sugary snacks that she bakes look amazing and I especially love her cookies recipe! I think baking is a great hobby and I have enjoyed baking more during quarantine.

3. Lilli Sophie – @lillsimplekitchen

All the food looks delicious!

I love Lilli’s food account where she shares the most amazing food!! All of the food looks delicious and I love that she shares a combination of both healthy and sugary food! It is also really great that most of the food she shares is vegan and gluten-free! As someone who is gluten-intolerant, I am always looking for amazing meals that I can make myself or snacks I can have! For anyone else who is gluten intolerant or vegan, Lilli Sophie’s page is fab and the best place to get food inspiration from. She also has a lifestyle/travel account that I love following and you can check it out here!

4. Baking By Meg –

I love Meg’s page!

Meg is the loveliest and most supportive girl ever! I love her Instagram and blog so much (click here to see her blog) and her page is one of my absolute favourites for baking ideas! My favourite baking ideas and photos I’ve seen on Meg’s page have got to be the doughballs ones! Meg followed the pizza express recipe and the doughballs looked incredible! I also love her raspberry cupcakes photos as the cupcakes look insanely good! Raspberries are my favourite fruit and so I’ll have to give baking these cupcakes a go! I love Meg’s original and authentic baking ideas, as well as her incredible blog and commitment to blogging! I can’t wait to see what Meg will be sharing next!

5. Laura Strange – @myglutenfreeguide

Even if you are not gluten-free you should check out Laura’s page for great food!

Laura has the BEST Instagram account for food and baking. She shares so many incredible recipes and meals for people who are coeliac or gluten intolerant. I am gluten intolerant (and haven’t been tested for coeliac disease yet, but suspect that’s what I have) and find that these food shots and recipes are perfect! Her photography is also incredible and makes her feed look amazing! I always look at Laura’s page and blog for recipe inspiration and delicious food that I can actually eat!

and finally, last but not least…

6. Luz Dance – @bakedbyluz

These cakes and cupcakes look amazing! Luz is so talented!

Luz has the most incredible cakes and cupcakes that she bakes herself and shares to her Instagram. She is already a fully certified baker at sixteen years old, which is so impressive! I love her cakes – they always look so pretty and intricately made! You can actually order from her so make sure you check out her account!

Thank you so much for reading this blog! I hope you liked it! Make sure to check out these lovely people’s pages and you can also check out my blogs club posts prior to this one here. Follow me – @bethlucyblogs on Instagram for blogging updates too! Have a fantastic day!

Beth Lucy

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