Hi everyone!

Welcome to or back to my blog!

Today I just wanted to write about my business called ‘Beth Lucy Socials’ where I offer social media advice and coaching! Scroll to the bottom for a 50% discount on my services!

I started this little business during the UK lockdown in the summer and have since introduced so many exciting new services and products that I wanted to share with you all!

The inspiration for this business came from my love of social media strategy and digital marketing. As many of you may know, I absolutely LOVE writing Instagram and social media tip blogs, all about growth and gaining followers. You can read these blogs here if you are interested! Now, these blogs have always been the most popularly viewed blogs of mine and I began to realise that I could provide coaching services specific to different accounts to really help people reach their social media goals and make a real difference and impact to their experience of using Instagram.

My little business has been operating for less than a month and I am lucky to be working with some amazing clients already! I work for a few local businesses by curating bespoke social media content plans and custom hashtags for their use. I am also a social media manager for one business account.

My services:

I offer SO many different affordable services!

  • 1-1 Coaching calls

These calls are £15 an hour and are specific to your account and the problems you are encountering on Instagram

  • Group Zoom Workshops

These group calls cost £5 and are 40 minutes long. They will always be specific to a different aspect of Instagram. But the ones I currently run are:

1) Starting an account and running it successfully

2) What not to do on Instagram

3) Increasing your engagement rate

4) Media Kits and Brand Collaborations

5) Reaching out to brands and being paid for content

6) The difference between ads and gifted work

7) Apps every user needs

8) How to reach 10k Instagram followers

  • E-BOOKS!

I have two e-books – both called ‘Social Success’ but one is volume 1 and the other is volume 2. Their contents combined contains EVERYTHING I have learnt over 2 years of running @bethlucyblogs and all my top tips for ‘social success.’ The contents includes: optimising your Instagram account/ bio, working with brands, reaching out to brands, being paid by brands, how to get inspiration for content creation, must-use apps, creating a media kit, growing a loyal following and so much more!

They are currently £10 each but will be £15 for both! DM me on my biz account @bethlucysocials with the words ‘blog discount’ for a 50% discount!!

Thank you for reading this blog!

Beth x

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