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Hey everyone, Today’s blog is all about reward style and

While on Instagram in the past, I would be inundated with posts of bloggers in cute outfits and then tags to ‘liketoknowit’ with the renowned symbol in the corner of their posts. I was intrigued, I wanted to know what reward style is and why it was so important.


– Invitation only affiliate network which allows members to a huge range of advertisers. – It is extremely popular and allows its members (bloggers of all sizes) to directly deal with many brands. – It can monetize your blog/Instagram, which is great if you hope to make a living off of blogging. – It is renowned for being so exclusive and it really is humbling to be accepted!


No I didn’t. Nor the second time I tried either! It was my third application that allowed me into the reward style team. I was always rejected immediately when I applied. Although reward style claims that it could take ‘several weeks’ or even months to accept people, this is inaccurate and incorrect. It will only take several weeks to get a response back if you are accepted, usually if you are rejected you will be contacted immediately. As such an exclusive platform, I was determined to be accepted and sought to change my Instagram in order to gain access to the super popular reward style! I think the worst thing with the rejection process is that you are unable to re-apply for up to 6 months – it is infuriating!

However, I believe that this time was necessary for me to find out what I was doing wrong and how I could change my account so the next time I would apply, I could be accepted.
I was finally accepted through a referral of a blogger friend of mine – this is a super way to get accepted as you are recommended to reward style by an already existing member of their platform. However, before I was accepted, I still tried to change my Instagram account in order to ‘reward style-Ify ‘ it.


1) Focus on your instagram and blog.
During the application process, you are expected to state your stats e.g how many monthly blog readers you receive and how many Instagram followers you have. I was accepted with under 5000 blog readers a month, but really they prefer popular bloggers and instagrammers who will be able to promote their platform. However, at the same time, reward style do not care if you have 20k followers on Instagram or 1k. They want to accept people into their program who have high engagement on social media. Even with over 10k followers on Instagram , I was rejected several times and realised it didn’t matter about the numbers – it was the engagement I received.

2) You need to post more outfit photos.
Reward style is a platform predominantly used by fashion bloggers, as a travel blogger, I hardly ever post photos of myself but mainly of the views or places visit. If i was to post pictures of myself, they would be of my back or ones of me in the distance. Reward style expect you to have an Instagram of close up outfits you wear, so your followers can see where you bought the close from. These kinds of photos are the ones you will be expected to post once invited onto the platform anyway. Reward style also love it if you have already collaborated with clothing brands as it shows that your account and your posts are ‘sellable.’

3) Post more on your instagram and blog.
You don’t need a blog to get accepted into Reward Style, but it may be useful to have one. After all, most of the money you make will come from your blog, hardly any affiliate – links and purchases are made through the app ( and so you may want to make sure that you are posting consistently on both your blog and instagram and that photos that you share are high quality.

Reward style may not be for everyone. As someone who was accepted and became overwhelmed by how often the app expects me to post, I have decided to stop using it for now. I realised that not much money could be made from people buying my clothes, and that was not my aim for blogging anyway. By now, perhaps reward style have already deleted my account (yes they do that if you are too inactive) but I have decided that as a teenager I don’t need to be thinking about making money from blogging just yet.

Like reward style? Make sure to go and check out 21 buttons too which I really recommend for making money from your outfits.
Thank you for reading this! I hope you liked it! If you did, please comment and let me know your thoughts, or share and like it!

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Beth Lucy

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  1. I found this post quite informative on Reward Style, Beth! I’ve always seen bloggers/content creators tagging on Instagram and I’ve always wondered what it was. Thank you for sharing!! 💗

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