Review of Your Cosy Shop reusable pads!

Did you know that 5.8 billion pads are disposed in the USA alone every year? 

And did you know it is estimated that the average woman uses more than 11,000 feminine hygiene products in her lifetime?

All of these products end up in landfill sites, posing a risk to the environment.

(National Geographic Sources)

Today’s blog is all about Your Cosy Shop, an amazing business that strives to help the planet and combat the climate crisis through producing 100% recyclable pads to be used for periods.

As an eco-conscious individual, I have always been aware of the terrible effect that pads and tampons have on the planet. Additionally, they can affect our health. Research has proven that disposable tampons and pads contain chemicals that women can become exposed to. Most tampons and pads are not made with cotton. Instead, synthetic fibers are used that feel like cotton but are much more absorbent. So absorbent, that they led to a huge increase in cases of toxic shock syndrome. Some of the ingredients in these tampons and pads include: adhesives, perfume, polyethylene, hydrogel (sodium polyacrylate or polyacrylate absorbents) chlorine-bleached rayon, made from wood pulp (of which dioxin is the by-product) genetically modified cotton, polypropylene, polyester and certain dyes. Some of the detrimental health impacts of using these products include: adverse tissue reactions, vaginal infections and most commonly, toxic shock syndrome, which can be fatal.

The advantages of using Your Cosy Shop reusable pads:

Before I tried these Lillypads, I was wearing period pants, however, I never really liked the idea of sitting in my own blood and didn’t find them particularly comfortable. These reusable menstrual pads are ultra-soft, made from bamboo, absorbent, odour-free, plastic free and toxic free! As an individual with sensitive skin, I can confirm that the pads are ideal for anyone else who has sensitive skin as the bamboo fiber makes the pads comfortable to wear and the pads are also hypoallergenic. I also love how easy they are to put on and take off, meaning if you do want to replace your pad during the day you can! I never felt like I could do this with period pants.

The pads are also up to 12 hours absorbent, which is amazing! They are so much more absorbent than the average pad made from plastic and you are able to sleep feeling comfortable that you are not going to wake up to blood on the sheets in the morning!

 The pads are also reusable, meaning you can wash your pads and then continue to use them so many more times! On average, you can re-wear these pads for up to 5 years. If you had been using plastic produced pads for those 5 years, more than 2000 would have entered a landfill site which is appalling!

 To reuse your pads, all you have to do is allow the blood to come out of the pads by washing them with cold water, waiting until the water runs clear and washing with PH soap if by hand or in a washing machine. I really recommend then hanging your pads out naturally to dry and reshaping them so they maintain their shape for longer!  I would also recommend hanging them out in direct sunlight as it acts as a natural sanitiser and will prevent further staining! Baking soda is also great for getting stains out and white vinegar in the wash will keep the pads soft! You can look after your pads by buying a Lillybag from at Your Cosy Shop, for as little as £5.

Reusable pads and sustainability:

Did you know that on average in the US over 12 billion pads are thrown away per annum? If each of us was more environmentally friendly, we could combat the climate crisis, protect our planet and ensure more unnecessary plastic does not get sent to landfill sites that are polluting the environment.

Reusable pads are cheaper than using unsustainably produced sanitary products:

I also love that on the Your Cosy Shop website, you can actually calculate how much money and how many pads you can save by buying reusable pads! I used the calculator on the website and calculated that by buying reusable pads, I could save over £1000 until the menopause and almost 4000 pads from going to the landfill site. You can find out how much money and how many pads you can save by clicking here!

Your Cosy Shop donates 5% of their profits to SCORA to help women in Kenya:

Most importantly, it is crucial to remember how privileged we are. Even though periods can be a slight inconvenience, due to cramps or a headache, we usually don’t give it a second thought. However, for many women, particularly women in Kenya, monthly periods come at a great cost. There is little access to education, healthcare and unfortunately menstrual health is still stigmatised. In Kenya, sanitary pads are unaffordable for 65% of the female population and without access to menstrual products, girls often resort to using clothes and dirty rags and these can result is an increase in infections. It’s awful also that in places such as Kenya, it’s common for women to negotiate transactions through sex to get the products they need for their periods. This can lead to more women getting STDS or unwanted pregnancies. Your Cosy Shop works with SCORA, an organisation that promotes the ability for women to receive full education and support of menstruation. SCORA also works to break down the stigma of periods in Africa. SCORA stands for the: Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, including educating people on STDS such as HIV and AIDS. For every LillyPad purchase, Your Cosy Shop will donate 5% of their profits to help SCORA reach those in Kenya who are vulnerable due to period poverty and ensures they receive help.


Overall, Your Cosy Shop are an amazing business that are helping to not only promote sustainable living, but ensure women across the world can receive menstrual products. It is so great to think that your purchase from this company will help ensure that a less fortunate woman in Kenya can receive their products too! Reusable pads are also much more environmentally friendly than regular sanitary products and in the long term, so much better value as well!

Check out the Your Cosy Shop website here:YourCosyShop – Yourcosyshop

Check our Your Cosy Shop Instagram:Yourcosyshop (@yourcosyshop) • Instagram photos and videos

I hope you learnt something new from this blog!  Do you use reusable pads?  Have a great day!


(products were kindly gifted to me – PR package)

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