Arbor – the best browser extension on how to shop sustainably:

Today’s blog is all about a great browser extension, which I recently discovered! By downloading the Arbor web browser extension from your desktop, you can make a difference with your purchases and learn how to shop more sustainably.

What is Arbor?

With Arbor, you have the ability to shop ethical businesses that you believe in! Over 143,490 businesses use the browser extension to promote their products. You can easily learn more about individual products and the impact they have on the planet. The browser extension will also provide alternatives according to your values! For me, as an eco-conscious individual, it is so important to me to know if a company pays its workers a fair wage and whether their materials are ethically sourced. So, this is the perfect browser extension, as it helps me to learn where to direct my attention when shopping!

 I also love how the browser extension provides information on four different categories: social, governance, locality and environment! By choosing which global issues are important to you, you will then be given a personalised score called The Arbor Index! Having a personalised platform is also essential, as it means you have the ability to actually see which companies are passionate about the same categories of sustainability as you are.

The browser extension takes as little as one minute to download on your desktop and is free to install:

It takes as little as one minute to discover how exactly how environmentally friendly each business truly is! For me, this is amazing, because sometimes it can be too tiring or time consuming to try and work out whether a brand is as environmentally driven as they come across, or whether they are actually greenwashing, and pretending to be more sustainable than they actually are.

 Too often, sustainable reports can also be difficult to read and too detailed to understand. As well, it can often ruin our day, if we realise, we have just invested in a product which actually has a huge ecological foot print and social impact. Too many times, I have inadvertently contributed to global waste, by buying from a business I believed I could trust, only to discover they were unethical and poorly treating their workers. This is why the browser extension is so important to me, as it is putting together the world’s best impact data combination to give a final score of the brands whose websites you look at! And it does all of this, for FREE!

Why eco-conscious and eco-curious individuals alike should download Arbor!

As I have already stated, it takes just one minute to download the impact measurement web extension, which is also free, and in return, you’ll gain extra insights that will help you better decide whether to move on with or forget about your shopping-basket when you’re shopping across different brands’ websites. You are also given suggestions on what other brands might deliver you the same product under more sustainable and ethical conditions. By choosing the values that are most important to you, such as the environment, human rights, diversity, and many others, Arbor gives you the power to interpret their data on how well each company actually aligns with your values.

I believe this is the perfect browser extension for every environmentally friendly consumer and especially those who are only just embarking on eco conscious living, who would like to find brands to shop from that align with their own beliefs.

In summary:

Overall, I have been really impressed by the Arbor browser extension and how easy it is to use! Every time I am now on a website of a business, I can easily check how eco-friendly they are, because I have this browser extension downloaded and it saves me the time, I would have to spend myself, on checking each of the companies I wish to purchase from.

I could not recommend it more! It has already been a gamechanger for me when doing my online shopping.

How to download the browser extension:

To download the browser extension, click here and then press download!  (Remember it’s free!)

You can also check out Arbor’s Instagram here

I hope you learnt a lot about this amazing browser extension in today’s blog. It will really revolutionise your shopping experience! Have a great day!

Beth 🙂

(Blog Post sponsored by Arbor)

2 thoughts on “Arbor – the best browser extension on how to shop sustainably:”

  1. It sounds great. I might try it out. Installation (on chrome) was easy; the I had to select hearts for preferences. Well, maybe I can say more about it later. Thanks for sharing. And I wish you success and a good weekend 🍀❤️✨

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