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How to become a conscious consumer

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all well! It feels like I haven’t posted on here in an eternity and I do apologise profusely for that! I’ve really missed blogging, but I have been so busy with school and exams meaning I did not have the time to post often.

Today’s blog is all about how to become a conscious consumer in relation to fashion but these tips could just as easily be applied to anything else, such as a conscious consumer in regards to purchasing food etc.

How to break up with fast fashion:

  • The best way to become a conscious consumer is quite simply by ensuring that you do not have to see fast fashion adverts and promotions anymore to remind you of their products, removing the temptation to make impulsive decisions! This can be difficult when seeing billboards or TV adverts, but fortunately social media feeds are curated for you and therefore, you have the power to control what you want to see and what you would like to avoid! I would recommend unfollowing any fast fashion social media accounts, as their posts can make their clothes tempting to purchase! Instead, you could opt for following more eco conscious brands (selling just as fashionable clothing, but better for the planet) and hence, be influenced positively. I would also recommend unfollowing any ‘influencers’ who extensively promote fast fashion culture, with hauls and collaborations with unethical brands. You could instead follow online earth-friendly creators who share eco tips which will help you on your journey to conscious consumerism.

  • Download apps to help you become a conscious consumer, such as ‘Good On You’ to check a brands rating in regards to ethical practice and sustainability. Equally, you could download ‘depop’ or ‘vinted’ to buy preloved clothing or even fast fashion clothes in a sustainable way!

  • Check before purchasing an item if you will actually wear it at least thirty times and can it be worn in multiple ways or with different outfits, making it a versatile staple piece! Versatile clothing is very sustainable, as allows you to rewear it in different ways, thus, less is more!
  • Set shopping budgets so you do not impulsively spend online! Also, remember that if you have only just begun not purchasing from fast fashion brands, but you do end up making an impulsive purchase from one, that this does not mean you now have to start from scratch! No one is able to live a perfectly sustainable existence and so do not worry about this, but instead try and resist the temptation next time! This can be especially hard once you have only just started your conscious consumer journey, as I still did make fast fashion purchases infrequently after finding an interest in eco living. So, remember that the transition from fast to slow fashion consumerism is gradual and making the switch overnight is unrealistic, especially if you are used to buying regularly from fast fashion businesses.
  • Try and go thrifting in charity shops with friends or family and this way you can incorporate conscious consumerism into your day or a fun outing! I really recommend Camden Market and Shoreditch in London. But if you live in a small city or town, you’ll also likely find there are thrifting stores on the high street you can check out! I love how there are some amazing and inexpensive items in these stores, so you never know what you’ll find!

I hope these tips have been helpful!

Let me know what you think!

Have a great day and thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “How to become a conscious consumer”

  1. Great advice Beth! Yes I love the idea of making sure you’ll wear it 30 times before purchasing it! Something I like to do is when I’m clearing out my clothes, I ask myself if I can see myself wearing it in the next month, if the answer is no I tend to give it to someone else! Also happy to see you blogging again! 😆

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  2. Great suggestions! I also love to just “shop my closet” – sometimes we forget the things that we have (at the bottom of a drawer, the back of the closet) and it’s like giving new life to the things you already own!


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