Hvar, Croatia Travel Guide

Welcome to my second blog from my Croatia excursion!

I visited Hvar during my stay in Split and I loved this island so much. We spent one afternoon in Hvar and so we didn’t have a lot of time to do absolutely everything. However, having said that, we did cover some of the main attractions and find some great photo spots!

What to do in Hvar:

Sailing into the Hvar Harbour in a speedboat is such a remarkable experience, as you are really able to take in the beauty of the island and marvel at the clear blue water. I was able to take plenty of photos and videos of our slow descent into the harbour, which I will treasure!

Sailing into Hvar

The harbour is spectacular and like its Split counterpart, is lined with palm trees. However, it is much smaller and therefore, almost by default less spoiled. I loved the main square too, as it was much quieter than Split.

Hvar Harbour

The Hvar Bell Tower and St Stephen’s Cathedral are striking and resemble similar architecture in Zadar. These colossal buildings are perfect to photograph for instagram and it won’t be too difficult to get a shot without people in them!

St Stephen’s Cathedral

We ate in the main square of Hvar where there was an abundance of restaurants and cafés. Afterwards, we got lost in the beautiful cobbled streets as we began our ascent to a popular viewpoint in Hvar, the fortress. On the way, there were plenty of opportunities to rest and take photos of Hvar from above.

The view while climbing up to the Fortress

It took thirty minutes to reach the Hvar Fortress and we paid to enter. It was very quiet and we found there were few other people in the Fortress when we entered! The Hvar Fortress was first built in the early 16th century and then reconstructed in 1579. It is truly remarkable and boasted incredible views of the island. If you’re daring enough, you could even stand up on the stone for your photos, but be careful not to stand too close to the edge!

The view of Hvar from the Fortress

We spent some time in the Fortress before wandering back into the centre of Hvar and visiting the Franciscan Monastery. We ended our time in Hvar by resting on the beach.

Franciscan Monastery in Hvar

Later, our speedboat tour group came and picked us up and we were taken back to Split where we were staying.

Have you visited Hvar before?

Beth x

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