Vis, Croatia Travel Guide

Welcome to my third blog in my Croatian Travel Guide Series! Today’s blog is all about Vis, the iconic island in the central Dalmatian which was used for filming in Mamma Mia 2!

As we were staying in Split, we visited Vis on two separate occasions. We visited by speedboat once and then on our second visit to Vis, we came by ferry. The ferry journey is less than two hours and passes surprisingly quickly in comfort! You can either sit inside on the chairs and tables with a window view or on deck, although it’s a bit windier there!

Arriving in Komiža, Vis:

On our first trip to Vis we arrived in Komiža harbour, which is only small and is limited to speedboat and small yachts use only.

Komiža Harbour

Komiža is a stunning fishing village and has a population of just under 2,000 residents! We wandered through the little back streets and found some incredible photo spots. The village truly embodies Mamma Mia with its distinctive blue window panes and translucent turquoise water, which is why it is not surprising that some of the filming for the second movie took place there.

Komiža streets

I was surprised by how quiet it was, as I was expecting there to be more tourists also exploring the village. However, it was practically just us, our tour group and the locals!

We ended up finding a beautiful little beach where we sat and sunbathed for a few hours before heading back to our speedboat to resume our tour. One thing to note is that the beaches in Croatia are very pebbly and the beach we went to in Komiža was no different. I would recommend bringing a towel or something comfortable to lie on if you plan on spending time at the beaches!

Komiža beach

Nevertheless, you cannot miss Komiža if you’re visiting Vis. It is an enchanting little village and definitely worth spending a few hours getting lost in.

Komiža pebbled beaches

Our second trip to Vis:

On one of our last days in Split, we ended up catching the ferry to Vis since we felt there was so much more the island had to offer. We had our Mamma Mia moment when we disembarked our ferry at Port Vis and walked along the Harbour, the same ferry jetty that Donna runs down before she misses her ferry in the second movie.

Vis Port

Mamma Mia filming locations:

We wandered around the island and began to search for the famous Mamma Mia filming spots! We found the Church of St Jerome which is featured in the scene where Donna and Bill are sailing and are stopped by Alexio, a young Greek man, who requires them to take him to the church where his beloved is marrying someone else.

St Jerome Church

Then we began our scenic walk through the cobbled streets to find Trg Karolina where the Greek Market scenes are filmed. Although in reality, there is no Greek Market (as would be expected in Croatia!) You can still photograph the iconic steps next to the supposed Market, which are featured in the movie.

Trg Karolina Stairs

In the afternoon, after a quick lunch stop, we went to Stiniva Bay. This is a beach in Southern Vis, voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe in recent years. Stiniva Bay is very difficult to get to and can be found via boat or by driving to the top and then hiking down. We ended up visiting via boat and unfortunately, the speedboats aren’t allowed to go close to the beach, as there are people swimming. Instead, we were told if we wanted to get to the beach we would have to swim! I was reluctant to leave the speedboat, especially as I didn’t have a special waterproof bag or container for my phone to swim with. So, I ended up staying on the speedboat instead, however, lots of people on our speedboat went for a quick swim and snapped some photos at the beach!

Stiniva Bay

We headed back to the centre of Vis and I snapped some photos of another speedboat jetty, confusing this for a different one in the movie! To conclude our time on the island, we stopped at a juice bar for a quick drink before getting on our ferry and heading back to Split.

Speedboat Jetty in Vis

If you are in Split, I would definitely recommend visiting this enchanting little island! The scarcity of tourists is very refreshing when compared with the bustling nature of Split and you can spend forever getting lost in the charming little back streets.


Visiting Vis was probably one of the highlights of our holiday. It is so underrated by tourists, making it little undiscovered gem in the Dalmatian Sea.

I’ll be posting more blogs soon on my Croatian adventures, so stay following my blog in order to be the first to see them!

Have you been to Vis before?

Beth x

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