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Hi everyone!

Thank you for returning to my blog. Today, I am writing all about my favourite fashion trends, because I haven’t done a fashion blog in a while! Also, one of my followers on my Instagram suggested this idea. So, here are some of the most popular fashion trends! (And why I do or don’t like them.) Some of the popular items of clothings, I have put together with some certain tops or trousers to create a few of my favourite outfits 🙂


Culottes are really popular and a lot of people wear them. I myself, don’t own any as I don’t really like them that much. Some culottes I think look really nice, but others are just not the right length. I haven’t found any that I like so far in shops, but I have seen a lot of people with culottes that are the right style and really nice. Additionally, cropped trousers are a big trend as well. I have a pair from H&M which I love! I wear them all the time, because they are perfect for summer and also spring. Here is a picture of me in my cropped trousers, I love the stripes in these trousers. And also these trousers are so easy to wear as they are quite loose and comfortable. I am wearing a white bardot top (one of my favourites!) with the striped trousers, to create one of my favourite outfits. Perfect for summer evenings or parties 🙂

The bardot top – Bershka

The trousers – H&M

Here is a link to my ‘culottes‘ board on Pinterest if you are interested in seeing what I have saved!


I absolutely love these! I own one shirred bardot top, but also dozens of bardot tops. They are so comfortable and they look really nice. The only problem with these bardot tops are that because they are off the shoulder, then they can be a pain to wear with cardigans and jumpers. They also look better with strapless bras. This picture shows my favourite shirred bardot top which is black and white striped. I am wearing a black denim skirt with it 🙂

shirred bardot top – New Look black denim skirt – H&M


This is such a popular trend! And one of my current favourites. Buttons on tops and dresses are all over the New Look and Topshop websites. There are so many different varieties. I have also saved a lot on to my new board on Pinterest which is called buttons. I own a petite dress from Topshop which is denim and has buttons the whole way up. It was £37 and is so lovely! (Here is a picture of my dress which I am currently loving) I am hoping that soon I can go shopping again to buy some more tops and dresses which have buttons on them. You can buy this dress from my 21 buttons page – @bethlucy


These tops are a huge trend at the moment. I really like them because I love strapless clothes. (Including playsuits and dresses!) They look amazing on the models on websites, but when I went to try one on I just didn’t suit it. However, a lot of girls wear these tops and so I decided to order a Hollister crop top which looks similar to them. I am still considering about buying a bandeau top. I also have a ‘bandeau tops’ board on Pinterest, so please click here if you are interested in seeing what I have saved.

Here is a picture of me with my crop top and blue denim skirt. This crop top does look quite similar to a bandeau top so I thought I would share a picture.

Here are the links: White cropped top – HollisterBlue denim skirt – H&M

Thank you for reading this blog post! It was only a very short one, but I have been planning it for a long time and have changed the trends in the blog each time. Did you like this blog? Please like it at the bottom or share it if you did! Also, some of the websites linked to find the clothes, may not still have the clothes on their websites as currently there are summer sales and I bought a few of these items of clothing a few months or weeks before. Thank you for reading and a new blog will be uploaded soon.

Beth Lucy

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