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My favourite study bloggers / instagrammers – the blogs club

Hi and welcome to or back to my blog!

Today I am sharing with you my favourite study bloggers and instagrammers! Make sure to check out their accounts! The accounts are also in no way ranked, I have put them into a random order to avoid biases, although I love all of their pages for different reasons!

  1. Alix Studies – @alixstudies
Such a pretty feed!

Alix has one of my favourite study accounts! I have been following her page for so many years and absolutely love her posts! Her account is so aesthetic and she is also so lovely! I find her content really inspiring and helpful! All her posts are motivating and as an aspiring author too, I love learning about her progression with her novel.

2. Lily – @studytipsgcse

So aesthetic!

Lily has such an amazing study account where she shares the best tips and advice for studying, productivity and motivation. The aesthetic of her account is also so great with the pretty pastel coloured carousel posts! I always look to her account for study help and advice, as well as motivation! Thank you for having such a useful page with the best information and resources for students studying for GCSEs and A levels!

3. Jess – @alevelswithjess

Jess has such a lovely colourful feed!

Jess is a friend on mine on Instagram and has an incredible account! She is so self-motivated and productive which I love! Her account has also an amazing cohesive / consistent look as she posts her notes and revision on her page. Her handwriting is so neat and pretty and the colours she uses on her revision really makes her posts stand out!

4. Dedo – @aesthetictells

Dedo’s posts are always so helpful!

Dedo is a great friend of mine on Instagram (I honestly can’t believe we met on a group chat back in April!) He has the best sense of humour and is probably one of the frendliest people I have come across on Instagram, so if you want someone to chat to or help you with problems, he is someone I would recommend dming! Dedo has a great study account which I love and the advice/tips he shares are always useful! The study community are so lucky to have you Dedo and I know your account will go far because you are such a great person! We have literally chatted about anything and everything since meeting online and so I urge everyone to go follow Dedo for some valuable posts, study tips and amazing chats too!

5. Alix – @studyalix

Alix’s account is stunning!

Alix has the prettiest Instagram account I have ever seen! It is so aesthetic and so I had to include her in this blog! Her content never fails to impress me and so I would really recommend you to go and check it out for some pretty amazing posts and beautiful inspiring study motivation! Thank you Alix for being an amazing person within the study community and one that so many people look up to, you are so inspiring!

6. Kate – @studykatex

Kate has the best feed! She is also so lovely!

Kate is the loveliest girl and a friend of mine on Instagram! She is currently on a break from Instagram, but when she returns, we will all be so glad to see her again! Kate really has so many great revision resources, her feed is stunning and she is just generally such an amazing person too! I would love for you to check out her account and blog!


7. Leonie – @avostudiess

I love Leonie’s posts and cannot wait to see what is to come!

Leonie is another favourite of mine in the study community because she shares the best posts and is also a lovely person! She has been organising collabs for so many of the study bloggers and instagrammers which highlights important issues and gives out advice to other young people. It is so important for so many young people to get advice and know that they can receive help online. Leonie is definitely someone to message if you want advice or guidance because she is so kind and organises so many amazing collaborations to draw awareness to issues in real life.

Thank you for reading today’s blog! Make sure to follow me on Instagram – @bethlucyblogs for more blogs soon! Have an amazing day.

Beth Lucy

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