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Today, I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favourite reusable products. These are great sustainable swaps you can make, to ensure your daily life is more eco-friendly. It is so important to work to eliminate unnecessary waste by reducing the use of single use items. The items I am sharing with you today are from Reusable Home Goods, a business committed to saving the planet. They sell high quality reusable household essentials, in order to combat the climate crisis and protect the environment. Their products are also really affordable, which goes to show, that shopping sustainably doesn’t cost the earth.

We all make messes in our kitchen from time to time and most people clean them up with paper towels. However, these paper towels are not eco-friendly, since deforestation occurs in order to make the product. I love my kitchen towel sets, which are a great sustainable product to invest in, because they are eco-friendly. Kitchen towel sets are made of coral fleece microfiber, are super soft and absorbent, meaning they can easily pick up the mess. The towels are antibacterial, making them easy to clean by running under water, and then, you can reuse them! I also love how they serve as a multipurpose product, meaning that not only can these towels be used for washing and drying dishes, but also, wiping stoves, cleaning surfaces and drying your hands. You could check out Reusable Home Goods towel set, which come in assorted packs of different colours and are super soft.

  • Beeswax Eco-Friendly Food Wrap

Plastic wraps are great and convenient to use, but they are not an environmentally friendly product, meaning they will decompose in landfill sites for over 200 years! My favourite alternative to plastic wraps are eco friendly food wraps, that are made from organic cotton with natural beeswax and jojoba oil. They are easy to use, because they can be folded and shaped! They are also compostable and biodegradable, which is amazing. Reusable Home Goods have a great selection of beeswax food wrap, in a variety of different coloured prints. Similarly, to how the kitchen towels are cleaned, to reuse these food wraps, just rinse with cold water and soap. Then, hang in a cool area to dry, before reusing.

  • Glass straws

I am sure you know how negative plastic straws are for our planet, and in particular, the sea creatures that inhabit our oceans.  According to a US survey, over 500 million plastic straws are used each day! Per year, 8.3 billion plastic straws wash up on the world’s beaches. I haven’t used plastic straws in years, but I am not a big fan of paper or bamboo straws, because they can get soggy very easily. Glass straws are a great alternative to plastic ones, because they are durable and suitable for both cold and hot beverages. They are also BPA free and dishwasher safe, meaning they can easily be cleaned and reused. Reusable Home Goods offer different glass straw sets, that are either clear, randomly assorted, or in a colour of your choice.

  • Double Sided Tape

Reusable tape, is the best alternative to plastic tape! Reusable Home Goods offer a clear tape made from nano gel. It has a multipurpose, making it particularly eco friendly and cost effective! The tape is also very strong and yet easily removable, leaving no marks on walls. I really recommend this tape, because it is an excellent alternative to plastic tape and a much better product due to its multipurpose ability.

  • Silicon Covers

Similarly, to the use of beeswax food wraps, I find silicon covers the perfect substitute for plastic containers, as they are just as strong and stretchy! I am always storing lunches in my fridge and would feel so terrible using regular plastic boxes, which are detrimental to our planet. These silicon covers are great quality, reusable and also amazing at storing food.

  • Reusable Food Storage Bags

Replace single use plastic bags with food grade plastic. These PVC-free and BPA free bags, are perfect for storing any food. They are leak-proof, tear resistant and lead-free too! I find them great for storing food in my fridge and freezer, because they are really strong.  Reusable Home Goods have a great variety of different shapes and colours I recommend.


These are just a few of my favourite reusable products, which will benefit not only our health, because they are free of chemicals in ordinary plastic items, but also, they will help reduce single waste! Reusable Home Goods have a great selection of products for you to check out, to ensure you can make the shift from non-environmentally friendly products to affordable eco conscious ones.

You can check out Reusable Home Goods Instagram and website here.

I hope you learned a lot from this blog!

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(Blog Post sponsored by Reusable Home Goods)

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